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The teal scarf came off the loom. A new lichen colored one got warped during the Winter Classic. It went onto the loom. I'm not sure I like it. Compositionally, it could use more contrast. Tomorrow if the sun comes out, I'll look at it objectively. I pulled yarn and weighed it for a pink Valentines' scarf. I will warp that next. More work got done on the black flatcap while watching Sherlock Holmes.

Next on the loom

Garden work got done today despite the rain. It was still warm. Mulch was added to the muddy areas of the yard ie pathways. The deer are eating the first elderberry but not the second one. I have no idea why. I put a small cage around it. Both have German hardneck garlic planted around them. The stones help hold the water from running off down the hill into the neighbor's yard. The ancient AC unit needs to be pulled. Besides being rusted solid, it doesn't work and it counts against me for property taxes. Those will be hiked next year. The county knows fracking won't last and is planning for it. Back to the AC, the controls were added later and have a thin wire that the weed wacker stripped. Currently the breaker for it is off. Wonder how much that will cost to get it yanked. I called the power company's rebate program. To get $50, I'd have to spend thousands on a new system. Guess I'll pass. I haven't used it in over fifteen years.


The neighbor's fence is falling down. It was old when we moved here 25 years ago. I figure on planting bushes to replace it. Currants would be nice. I'm leaving stepping stones for the mailman. Because of the horrible hills, we made him a path through the garden so he can cut across the lawn. I wonder what the neighbor thinks. Does she even know its her fence? Does she know how crooked it is with regard to the property line? She doesn't engage with her yard at all, except to mow it. More imponderables.

Winter bed building

Date: 7 Jan 2017 07:54 pm (UTC)
haertstitch: (Default)
From: [personal profile] haertstitch
a really really huge problem with raspberries is they are invasive
and the black ones are worse -it would be a great idea ot put corrugated metal down and into the fence line to keep them out of the neighbors and at the edge you don't want them to creep into your yard.
it is best if you can find the bush raspberries.

currents are much better behaved.

I wonder at lingen berries.

I think you might grow figs and olives
there's variations that do well in new york.


Date: 10 Jan 2017 04:30 pm (UTC)
haertstitch: (I O moth)
From: [personal profile] haertstitch
its just that rassberries are such a problem

think your best time for chipping into the clay
is probably mud/rain season.
had the same problem at the lake
I broke 2 shovels.
I'd have to pour buckets of water then dig.
more water and whack after its soaked.

I'd dream about using,
one of those hole drillers used ice fishing
and sand/compost instead of a rototill.

I've been having problem with my neather reagions

the story starts with the black goo growing in
the back of the old toilet(swamp thing )
mike put one of those bleach blocks in

it's been filling my air with chlorine
(being behind my loft-
and every time i was on the toilet
i was getting exposed down below
and I'd started itching- and even had a lesion?
busted blister?

today I was remembering when I worked in the cafeteria
and my hands burning and itching after repeated exposure to
bleach water it got to the point where I has torn them raw.

it has been a month? and I finally put
now and them together? she-it.
(feeling stupid ) its the poison air i swear!

so finally I got out a rubber glove and tongs,
and put the damn bleach block into the (a sealed bag)& trash.

why can't i get it into his head poisons are bad for us/me?

he want to garden the way his grandparents did
plow or rototill, use round up....
(bonk) and he won't help pull sod.
the soil is clay underneath too

think its trashed the seals
it doesn't hold water

next time he complains i'l tell him
to put vinegar or salt in there

Re: Bushes

Date: 10 Jan 2017 04:42 pm (UTC)
haertstitch: (pookiie)
From: [personal profile] haertstitch
black walnuts kill by sucking all the nutrients from the soil
it makes for real interesting wood
but it's horrible for other plants.

Russian olives are a problem
mom had a bush I'd get clawed by when I was mowing
so I took clippers and a saw to it and turned it into a tree.
mom was pissed but she did not do any mowing
I plead self-defense was a fair reason.

rinsing your strawberries(any berries) in water with a little vinegar
then let dry them, does this amazing thing and makes them taste sweet. they last longer too.

Likin' the Lichen

Date: 12 Jan 2017 01:17 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] emmne
Lower contrast is the "in" thing, and so are shades of gray. Older folks like myself may think of it as a "guy's" color scheme, but the younger ladies at my work don't have the same biases and don't seem to care for higher contrast colors.


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