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Today was watering the seedlings and transplants. Rain barrel is empty. It'll be a couple of days before we get rain. I went up and down steps a lot lugging water. I used bathwater on the new plants. I am not turning on the outside water until after the frost date. And water costs money. If you use a biodegradeable earth friendly soap, you can do this. But not on your leafy greens like lettuce. They got water from the dehumidifier.

I filled every pot I had yesterday with rhubarb. So far, no takers. The rhubarb needs a new home. I already have 9 plants. Twenty seemed a bit much. My overflow is up for grabs. Today I planted the late potatoes, German Butterballs. I also put in some scarlet runner beans and radishes. I dug out a lot of wild onions and moved some coreopsis. I planted some purple poppies and a Sierra Club Bee Friendly mix. It looked like everything we already grow, coneflowers, coreopsis, and borage. I called it quits and we went on a town run to the co-op with a detour to a camera repair shop. What a cool place! Every kind of used camera imaginable. Glad to see a place that repairs and cherishes the older equipment. America already dumps way too much used electronics on various African nations. It's quite disgusting, this disposeable habit. We were complemented at the co-op for bringing our own containers. I believe in getting as close as possible to zero waste. We buy in bulk mostly and bring containers from home. They are all marked with a Tare weight. It really reduces trash. Food packaging accounts for a large portion in people's garbage. I have a half bag on the curb for garbage collection tomorrow, compared to my neighbor's eight big bags. It is quite a contrast. Normally we only put garbage out every other week. Recylcing is another matter. We try to reduce that too, but ours does seem about equal with the neighbors'. I think it's mostly junk mail. That is about the same for the whole neighborhood.


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