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Bean Experiment Results

Cranberry beans -slimy and fuzzy

Fuzzy and stinky - Cranberry
Bean experiment - Failure

Low's Heirloom - End of the line
Low'Heirloom - Failure

Jacob's Cattle - Maybe?
Jacob's Cattle - No growth but not rotten

Yellow Bush Beans - Given time, think they will all germinate. Planted!
Success at last

Now if I can find the three yard long beans and scarlett runners, those will get started too. Picked up organic marigolds at the Farmer's Market. They gave us a deal. Think it was a low turnout. It's been cold and wet. So we are going for a companion planting of beans, potatoes, radishes, and marigolds. Each scares away a bug that likes the others. Too many beds with bean failures. Four out of five potato types are in the ground, not counting sweet potatoes. Since the weather is turning hot this week, the sweet potato slips are going in the ground. They are not just rooting, they are growing tubers. Still have red cloud late potatoes to find a home for.