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ursulas_alcove ([personal profile] ursulas_alcove) wrote2017-06-14 09:49 am
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Dye Season

Of course everything got ripe all at once. Mulberries to pick, strawsberries, black raspberries and even a few red raspberries. The Dyer's Coreopsis came early this year. We have a show to prepare for. So much to do!

Coreopsis (gold) and Oregano (dark brown)
Presoak Natural Dyebaths

Oregano dyebath

Coreopsis and oregano

And from last year's crop out of my freezer, Dahlias because I need to see which mordant I like best. The Blue Vitriol (copper sulphate) wins. Those are just starting to bloom.
Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia Dye

Not enough yarn, never enough yarn to play with. Next up will be Black Hollyhocks. This one is a mystery. Wild Color shows a rose tone range while Harvesting Color shows a mint green. I am curious as all get out. I am still collecting blossoms to get a nice strong color.



Stayed Tuned!