3 Feb 2019


3 Feb 2019 12:26 am
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It was a strange sort of day. Bright and sunny. They say Punxatawny Phil did not see his shadow. They start festivities at the crack of dawn. I don't know how Phil could ever see his shadow. The sun doesn't clear the mountains until 9:30 am. Which raised another question. In Ireland, they celebrate Imbolc on February 1st. But in America, we celebrate on the 2nd. So which day do you use to figure out when spring happens? A friend posted a nice summary of the ancient myth. The goddess slumbers all winter. She awakes on Imbolc or St. Brigit's Day. If it's sunny, she gets up and collects more firewood, so spring is later because she can stay inside (asleep) longer. If it's cloudy, she rolls over and goes back to sleep but her firewood runs out and spring is earlier. It's a nice way to remember the myth. This is important (if you believe the myth) because it snowed like the dickens on the first but was sunny and clear on the 2nd. Hmmm.

Front Yard Garden

I started looking for organic apple trees. I want a dwarf with a 10' diameter span. Chronographia wants a honeycrisp. I was looking at an Arkansas Black. Although they keep a long time, they are unremarkable taste-wise. I like tart apples but no one else does. It was so sunny today, I thought I'd go out and mark the locations in the garden where I want to put everything. Nope. Not yet. The ground is still frozen. Sticks won't go into the ground. I'll have to wait for Monday. (I work all weekend.) An apple tree should have been planted back in December. If I can get a hole dug, I may order one yet. Around here April is still the best planting time, but California is on a different growing schedule. I'll have to check other nurseries. https://www.groworganic.com/apple-honey-crisp-dwarf-tree.html

Onions are on my mind.

We started a few trays of seedlings today. One tray got 40 American Flag Leeks and another got Alpine Strawberries. I'm hoping something comes up. I used coconut core plugs. Not sure I like them. The leeks got put into soil blocks. I had to stretch my potting mix with worm castings. I sterilized them first in the oven.

I haven't dared look to see what the polar vortex did to my low tunnels. Cover needs to come off tomorrow because of the warmup into the 50s. We'll see what I find.


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