Happy Birthday Ronda

22 Jun 2017 07:51 am
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Trust you have a Happy Burthday

sorry its a day later
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Soooo much stuff going on here...

The Known World Dance and Music Symposium (KWDMS) was a SMASHING success!!!!!!! Patches did a fantastic job of organizing the event!!! We had 245 people there; it was the biggest attendance ever in the KWDMS series (and this was the 12th such symposium). My class on Lithuanian polyphonic music went OK, I guess, and I received a couple of compliments afterward. I certainly didn't feel as prepared as I should have, but if the customer is satisfied....

Last night I went with Patches and "weatherman2111" (as he used to be known on LJ) and a couple of other folks to the U2 concert at FedEx Field. I believe this is my fifth U2 concert ever -- 1997, 2005, 2009, and one other time at the Baltimore Ravens' arena. Will write more about it later....

summer is here

21 Jun 2017 01:55 am
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odd weather
the transplants are
doing ok.
its a beautiful spring day
summer can take its time.

last night I played with my food.

this place seems best seen on your back.
wonder if he designed any of the tiles.

mike chopped the top off of the bed room door
and I am painting it white, the cat keeps opening it
and its been easy to not see the brown edge
I painted the trim white before he puts it back in.
all painted-the door paint stuck to the vynel of the patio table.
glad I checked hope its going to be ok.

the tree that went down makes a space
for the neighbors light.
the tutorials here are great
explore- i've been focusing o the knit stitches.

the monkey in the office is getting off on critqueing today.
its hot so Dad wants to do the cabin
at the hot part of the day.
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batches of rain last night

austin went out looking for cakes
for the father- one would have been enough
dad had a plate full of cake and ice cream
mike got that picture.

I made sure I got the table cleared.
managed to not get some one pissed
we told susuan chaz needs to earn how ot socialize with family
she let his go away anyhow.
she'll be upset when he doesn't come home too.
she's have earned it.

I gave dad the puzzel afghan
he snuck over to the soft chair
and almost got a nap.
mom was thrilled-she liked the puzzel, good move.
we'll see who uses it.
I left when they started going on about the papers,
austin came out turns out mom had her 1099's
its dad's that were gone-but mom didn't know she had them
and now he has hers as duplicates.
he got home and found a wood tick on them?!
arg-! he sent me it's picture.

saw this sweater on pinterst
side stripes sweater/tunic pattern
its a combination of cotton and silk.
well I have some nubby cotton mom gave me
and the huge spool of gray, so I had to try it.
not going to be the same exactly
but its going faster than i imagined.

snorri likes to sit there
and dump everything on the floor.

my alleriges are having a feild day
I need to sleep
good night all <3

stupid smart fone tricks

16 Jun 2017 11:54 pm
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stressa page
the ring tone a
"goat scream"
she wanted a ride in 4 hours
what a way to wakeup at 7am
tried going back to sleep.
it was hard.

went looking for pictures of
the old tree and put them at flickr
old ugly tree
the middle was lose this was one side
holy tree

mike gathered sticks then mowed the sisters.
dad wants to sell the downed pine tree.
he doesn't want to advertise doesn't know anyone
who needs pine. it will sit there and rot.

my buzy work 'go to' what to do when you can't decide
some thing new was this rug
"simple rug

stessa called right after we pulled out
a pizza on tortilla -
Please come help pull the car out of the ditch
looks like she was going to fast and missed the turn
in to her driveway- oops.
they had to put their mastiff to sleep last night
he had bone cancer & was in pain.

mike got back just in time for season 4 of the british bake off.
they had 2 episodes, right after each other.
ended up feeling real tired after watching.

british quilting show.

good night world
sweet dreams universe
great day today
thank you for tomorrow

stupid mac tricks.

15 Jun 2017 07:00 pm
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the new apple
double security
is bogus.

designed for people
who have all the latest
apple toys at least 3 of them.
and a perpetual access to the internet.
we have the first ipad with no camera.
and my macbook pro is already an antique.

I refuse to let them grab everything
and put it on the cloud.
making my computer a terminal.
I do not give current debit card info unless
I have an actual purchase. less to be stolen that way.

luckily I did not sucker into the icloud.
so I don't have to create a double security
to access my email or pictures.

took an hour with a techie to work to get at my I-dentity.
M didn't remember his answers to the security questions.
had to redo them all- the computer would not accept them.

made me feel like a troll.

turns out m&d's modem didn't work
because dad had unplugged the modem.
over on the wall. great fix sister.

mike cut the blades free on the lawn mower
luckily it didn't mess up the inner workings.
he still runs over crap with abandon. stupid.
but the mower is working.
the niece & hubby killed the push lawn mower
2nd time they used it?

he went on a 911 run at 1:45
the poor lady had ripped out her fistula
it was an awful mess. artery blood all over.
got to remeet the old balsam lake Cheif of police.

made banana muffins using an over ripe banana
washed the dishes the goal get them done
before the muffins were baked. I won
and the muffins are good.

another fail- no fat in yogurt
means only milk protein and not digestable
why sell poison? false nutrition strikes again
bad for kidneys and liver.
put half and half in to try to undo this.
can't get M. to read the fine print
or understand malnutrition sold by stores.

the lawn consortium has him totally mind washed too.

not poked the bearsRead more... )

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14 Jun 2017 11:56 am
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woke up
to a
stupid pager.

turned out to be an old guy playing possum.
didn't want to go to a court hearing,
the kids were trying to move him from
a nursing home to a supported living place.
sneaky way to end up going to the hospital
but I don't think it helped his cause.

Bee try # 2. still looks fuzzy
embroidered bee

mom gave me yarn while mike
and dad did the tree parts.
so I've been salting it in the bins I've emptied.
spent 2 days tieing in the loose ends of the puzzle rug.
think it will be perfect for father's day.
I'd made mom a prayer shawl
he didn't make noise about wanting one
but I think he'll like it because it has orange & red in it.

I'm working on another rug- not for the floor
but for a chair or table. its crocheted it's much easier to
tie in the ends as I go. i was thinking it would be good for a chair seat
but it keeps on growing.

the storms missed us today
back to hot and steamy.
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woke up
my eyes

I saw something black jump across me .
little while later, Mike came up
and sat on the bed the cat jumped across
my head same as the shadow before.

yesterday Dave from across the street
came a got the tree all at once.
trying up the chain
He put it on the burnpile.
corner looks empty
so  empty with the old tree gone

we only had one load of branches to bring over,
then we went over to mom's, dad and mike started
cleaning up after the tree that brke and fell.

just a touch of weather

11 Jun 2017 12:23 pm
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the storm came
it left a new project

hollow tree finally went down

it fell in exactly the right way.
not in the street,
and the wires are intact.
it needed to come down
it was just a matter of time

its holding branches with the other tree
think one is the crator of the other.
from the porch

this was not intended to be so complicated
bee napkin
time to start over.

simmer can begin-

10 Jun 2017 08:36 am
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Mike was up
he and Jimmy
are going to
fill someone's pool.

yesterday he & dad went out
to the lake and stacked the canoe
on a boat in our trailer. & tied them
then brought them to the house.
broke the sides off the trailer.
dad wanted the wood back in the wood.
he told him we need to fix the trailer that just broke.

we brought the air conditioner in
and put it in the window.
just in time for the hot simmer.
humity and heat.
had to hit the reset button to get it to go,
it didn't want to stop once is started.

we found another pair of stories
about the innkeeper.

watered my transplanted plants
one might have perked up.

Five things make a post...

9 Jun 2017 11:16 pm
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1. Lately, my LJ layout seems to be completely broken on the Chrome browser, but it looks normal on Firefox. Has anyone else (or, anyone else who still does LJ/DW, that is) experienced this problem?

2. After a year and a half, I finally updated my "Lady Patricia of Trakai" blog. Check it out.

3. Today I spent some time working on my class for next week's Known World Dance and Music Symposium. Teaching a class on a subject on which there is exactly *one* extant English-language book will be ... interesting.

4. Today has also been the 40th anniversary of my high school graduation. I think the boy toy is officially tired of the subject. :-)

5. Little by little, I'm going through my files on both my computer's hard drive and my external hard drive to weed out duplicates. Especially on the external hard drive ... I've found five or six copies of some of the files on the external drive, thanks to various backup efforts. I had been really close to running out of room on both drives. Now I'm a little less close.

Good weekends

8 Jun 2017 11:27 pm
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Good grief, how the time does fly....

So I have had a couple of great weekends in a row.

Saturday, May 27: Daytripped to Balticon in downtown Baltimore. Second year that the con has been held in the city where one must pay to park. That wasn't the only reason why I limited my con attendance to Saturday, though (more on that in a bit). I enjoyed the things I wanted to enjoy: the medieval dance, Maugorn's concert, and the masquerade. I saw some folks I don't get to see too often, although I did miss CZ and Alex/Phoenix. Moving the con suite from the 12th floor to the fifth-floor common level was a HUGE improvement.

Sunday, May 28: I really wanted to attend church in the morning, because that was our first glimpse of the ministerial candidate. She made a very big positive impression right from the get-go. After the service, there was a pizza luncheon and the candidate stayed to answer our questions. She has an interesting life story -- she worked as a civil engineer for many years before feeling called to the ministry. She and her husband have three grown sons.

Afterward, it was kind of a drizzly day, so the boy toy and I went on a drive through Anne Arundel County and ended up at an idiosyncratic joint called Crabtowne USA. Hey, the fish tacos were good.

Monday, May 29: The "money committees" of the church met with the ministerial candidate for a couple of hours. More positive impressions. Afterward, the boy toy cooked up shrimp and scallops at home.

Saturday, June 3: Storvik Novice Tourney, our barony's signature event. Once again we held it at the College Park Knights of Columbus, which has plenty of room, though no camping. That's OK -- it's the next town over from me, so why would I need to camp? I taught a "heraldry 101" class, although a couple of heralds who know much more than I do sat in and geeked out. Many, many of my friends received well-deserved awards from Their Majesties and Their Excellencies. Exposure to bright sunlight all day long made my brain go into "instant sleep" mode after sunset, so I went to bed a couple of hours earlier than I usually do.

Sunday, June 4: Another excellent service by our ministerial candidate, followed by our annual congregational meeting, at which we voted to call her as our settled minister with 98 percent of the vote. Yay! We finally have a permanent minister again! After the meeting, we had a brief party with champagne and cake, and there was much rejoicing.

We shall see whether this coming weekend's Baltimore Lithuanian Festival will live up to its outstanding predecessors.

And oh, yeah, after midnight it will be June 9 and the FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY of my high school graduation. It's a couple of weeks before the boy toy's 40th. Birthday, not anniversary. Why do you *think* I call him the "boy toy" here??


8 Jun 2017 07:38 pm
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the hair
the lack of it
clipped off a little more

got the plants in the ground
not much else

my nephew's hair

dad wants to
recover his garbage if he doesn't want to get up early.
mike will go and look for himself.
and start inventory.

the water source
water source
propane  protector
my new reading shelf
gift from the bonfire
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