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25 May 2017 01:46 am
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i didn't say
but i finally
cut my hair off

¿hoping to change
how the world sees me?
certainly made me light headed
didn't help my neck
it was not happy today.
beware the material scissors

did 2 more hourglasses
for my puzzel rug. one more to go
and we'll see if it will make a vest or poncho.

finally wrote a formal email
describing a taco feed for the gemini birthday
(mike my DH, austin
& Chris the niece's husband)
mom though burritos would do
but austin asked for a taco bar,
I'd told susan and mom so of course
neither remembered.
and it will be here on the porch/deck
fun shit eh no. sunday.
so we have 3 days to clean and cook.
i got the dishes done this morning.

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then M forgot he had an appointment
to go to the car place with dad.
(more memory issues)
he put it into the phone as surgery appt.

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24 May 2017 06:34 pm
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funky dreams
kind of a PBS
with the queen?

I finally found the battery charger
for the camera. yea!
I'd looked in the wrong box.

my african puzzel rug
african puzzle rug

sent mike to bring dad
to his eye dr. appointment
got this email
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: We are here.
John just went in. He does not know why he is here...
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one foot in front of the other

23 May 2017 10:34 am
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I am very much worried about Nero. Right now he's at Dr Ebers' and there's probably going to be bloodwork and x-rays and I am worried about the big lug. I love that cat. He has come so far in such a short time from the cat he had been. He loves having his ears scratched and his head kissed and sleeping between me and his human. (I'm his human's human. That's about how he puts up with me.)

I want him to be okay.

I am currently avoiding all the panic that is percolating in my brain by watching Survival Lilly on YouTube in Austria build herself outdoor shelters. It helps. (She also has an adorable dog that loves to wallow in dirt and leaves.) It's very interesting to see how people in Europe build outdoor shelters versus what you would down here in South Mississippi. There you can use conifer branches and whatnot, but here it's more pine brances and they don't work well or cedar and that's sometimes hard to find where you can reach it.

We had water in the house again since it rained a lot.

Crown List was last weekend. It was held at the State Park near Shreveport - we have James and Joan as Prince and Princess again. I need to go do some research for their names because they don't have registered names or devices. I put up my canopy for the first time and I need to seal the seams on it. Wow do I. I also made a Lemon Bliss Cake and it was fine. Gaius made a deep-fried turkey for his Crown List people and shared with us other Heralds and that and my cake were divine. My Heraldic Boss (Brendan) fell in love with my large thick felt hat. If you wear glasses, a thick felt hat is wonderful because it keeps your glasses from getting spotty in the rain. Brent bought it several years ago at Acadiana or Scharborough Fair.

I should never get a top bunk again. It gets very difficult to get up and down from there.

I got a mole removed yesterday. Dr Rose is pretty sure there isn't anything wrong with it; it was one of those moles that's right at the waistband of your underwear or trousers or skirts and always gets rubbed on so it itches or gets rubbed raw occasionally. (I hate those moles.) So she took it right off then and there. I like lidocaine - yes, it stings at first, but then the lidocaine makes the sting of the lidocaine go away. Win win!

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had a "friend" post a cartoon
it was his humor.
sadly it was an example
of how girls bully other girls.
The guy cannot see/will not see?
when i protested it was not funny
it showed female bullying.
he told me to go away its funny.

what does it take to undo the damage
people do to each other in this society?

sadly he had a wife that killed herself
and he has no idea what might have driven her to it

so I wrote about it on my FB page.
this is how girl's bully. it may seem funny.
sadly girls are very good at being sneaky mean.
This ballerina is performing in full costume on stage
-its one of the most important days she's been toiling years for, she's on point (proof of years of classes and practice and pain)
in the middle (of her performance)
a woman? anonymously flashes a pair of panties.
making it look like she's goofed Big time-
you do not see the woman's face.
In front of an audience.(her world her future)
it whacks at her self confidence
and she stops believing in herself and her dreams.
it is just not funny. its a soul killer.
ballerina and rival

"http://lemonlimeadventures.com/what-to-say-to-calm-an-anxious-child/" we all have that anxious child inside

It was dry today so M. mowed the yard.
I pulled up the stakes holding the greenhouse down,
so mike could mow near it, it tried to blow away.
it was easier to move upside down.
its all mowed.

Disco Fridge

22 May 2017 05:23 pm
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Plumbing (and financial) crisis averted. Boy toy concluded that replacing the shutoff valve and the tank inflow thingey was beyond his plumbing expertise. He went over to the condo maintenance shop to ask how to get this thing fixed without shutting off water to the entire building. I started to call the plumber, where I was told that I would have to wait until a building-water shutoff could be arranged on Monday or Tuesday, but then one of the maintenance guys came over and said he could fix it "off the clock" for $75 plus parts. That's at least $20 cheaper than the plumber would have cost me (based on the last time I dealt with the plumber, about four years ago). So the toilet is fixed and a young man has some extra cash in his pocket.

Of course, now the light inside the refrigerator has decided to flash randomly on and off (but mostly stays off). I don't ever remember changing the fridge light bulb in the nearly 18 years I have lived here. And the fridge is roughly 25 years old.

As Gilda Radner said, it's always something....

In other news, my church's ministerial search committee revealed the name of our ministerial candidate at the end of yesterday's service. From what I can tell from her website, she is two or three years older than I am, married young but has stayed married to the guy for 42 years, and has three grown sons who are gainfully employed. Ministry is her second career after civil engineering. Her beliefs and interests align pretty closely to my congregation's. I'm looking forward to meeting her next week.

lymphatic discoveries

22 May 2017 11:45 am
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newly discovered

think fibro neuralgia will be found
to be a sign of this being clogged.

more about the lypmhatic system, sleep and alzeimers
taken from here:
think MultipleSclorosis is also influence by the lymphatic system
after remembering how Vickies disease progressed involving the middle of her brain and balance.

Betty doty

21 May 2017 10:35 am
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I'd been wondering at the guy
that created the puzzle rug I've been working on.
what he was up to nowadays-he died in march.
sigh patchwerk knitting was his specialty.

Horst Shulz

Today's 911 call. The one person
who's made an effort to be mom's friend
fell today, don't know how badly she's broken.
she already has Parkinsons. I hope nothing is busted
but she's really in pain.

found a tv website I don't watch most of it
the Diy shows are fun though

the types of games i like have Color"http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2CXl72/:JqUAkJ22:fjUEaLdv/www.flashbynight.com/drench"

they say we're saturated

20 May 2017 11:39 pm
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wet dog day

wonderful dream,
a camping event
was drawing on air,
the poofed some smoke and you could see it.
working on decorating garbs
helping to put caning on a cart,
dancing and beer testing,
Nålbinding the trees,
wonder if I can get back there,
the weekend has just started.
ended up as a "sitter" for
some famous person's aquariums
they were nicer than expected.
but it wasn't the same dream.


I'm surprised some of these hurt
do #7 first to loosen up the hand for the others

still knitting the fan thing(hour glass)
think its going to end up as a poncho
its half done. someone else's blog with the
same puzzle.

mom offered to have someone plow up in the feild
a big place- for me to do the garden
but I don't have money for seed/plants
years ago dad planted trees
they are taller than my house.
removing the sun from east and west.
its little better than my yard.
and I cannot do a little space on my own
a bigger place with no help?
I told her my back cannot handle it.
no bees no fruit and veg.
& the deer live there
(love feeding the deer~not)
I'm such a wimp sigh

quiet friday,

19 May 2017 11:04 pm
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woke up
goat scream~
think someone needs
to switch to silent screams
at bedtime.

worrying at ronda Hoping you feel better soon
illustration from Jugend magazine no. 5, 1896...
signature in lower right (TSB?)
hoping someone is just sleeping and getting well.

memeoff FB

the modem seems to be dying a slow
death. it's very frustrating.

mom sounded chipper on the fone
almost her old self ;8^)
her hearing loss is getting worse. Proof
living with someone else loosing their hearing
can be destructive for yours.

time to check dad's exhaust

18 May 2017 10:25 pm
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2.5 inches of snow
correction(no snow Rain)
sorry, teach me to type when
ready to sleep.

2 wet dogs had me
getting a benedryle
it made me feel like my nose
should have been running.
my skin itching.

mom told me
her folks showed up monday morning
and told mom, she was doing good.
they had a pretty good visit.
told her not to tell susan, like she has before.
after she tells her, susan prays them away
putting up barriers thinking its evil.
and they do disappear for a while.
and mom bums. ironicly sue goes to see a spiritualist
one night a week.
it might be part of the brain injury- like hearing music
that isn't there, still, I think mom needs every scrap of support
she can get and it makes her happy talking to her folks.
there are so few who do support her.

I got mom's stars done.
I tried to give them enough contrast
so she can see them.
each star is a wish for her: health, happeness, luck.

found thesw websites
odd words
and more compendium of lost words
gave the links to the brother.
i think he loved it his first word
ailurophilia, lover of cats.

the storm chunk last night was fierce
but it blew by fast.
It was like the one that killed and injured
folks in Barron the other night-
ironically it was near the same place
Mike went to a workshop saturday ,
to learn how to help people in farm accidents-
silo rescues, tractor crashes, and crush injuries.

Mike went over to tighten up the toilet they're leaking again.
dad had been to the eye dr this morning
and he went back to bed. mom was crawling in too.

They are going to do surgery for glaucoma?
the old fart is scheduled for a colonoscopy.
mom was ditsy today I wonder at how much she's eaten
2 things he should not drive to or from.

"The Elementals by Michael McDowell"
a southern ghost storyRead more... )
it was very scary. riviting

i started working on this - the patterns are
general guidelines
"african adventure" puzzle rug by Horst schultz
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Five things make a post....

1. My grad-school adviser has cancer and is not doing too well. This news comes from yesterday's email blast from the astronomy department chairman. Further correspondence with the chairman (who still remembers me) is that Mike (my adviser) is not quite up to visitors, but cards would be welcome. I have a hard time imagine Mike under the weather -- he is a tall force of nature, with a busy white beard that makes him look like a New England sea captain, and when he's not bashing human-made objects into comets, he goes sailing on the Chesapeake. Still, Wikipedia says he is now 76.

2. I may have some additional freelance assignments. Two offers of potential work landed in my inbox on May 9 within five minutes of each other. One was from a resume I sent in to a freelance-job ad back in January or February. I'd honestly forgotten about it.

3. My church has a candidate for the position of settled (permanent) minister. It was touch and go there for a while, and I was fervently hoping that we would not have to get another interim minister when our current interim's two-year contract ends next month. I don't know the name of the candidate yet, only that she has been referred to as "she." Fingers crossed that's she's great....

4. Don't know what to add about the fast-moving events surrounding the Giant Lying Russian Stooge and his cronies, except to state that I really want to compare the current timeline to that of the Watergate scandal. We're getting a special counsel very close to the 44th anniversary of the appointment of Archibald Cox, for what that's worth.

5. Lately I have been seeing puddles of plain water around the toilet. My current cat has no interest in the toilet bowl, so it's something else. As far as I can tell, the shut-off valve underneath the toilet is the source of the leak. The boy toy put an old pot under the valve to catch the water and then put green food coloring in the toilet tank. So far, the water that drips into the pot is crystal-clear, but since the boy toy pretty much dumped the entire bottle of green food coloring into the tank, the bowl keeps filling up with brilliant green water every time we flush. It's our space-alien toilet.

say i won't return

17 May 2017 01:38 pm
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I discovered something about myself today as I was driving to the OB-GYN (which is why I'm day drinking as well). If you set me on the Interstate and tell me to drive, I will be utterly bored within a mile. Dangerously bored. However, if you put me on a state highway that has changes (hills, turns, twists, etc), I'm happier'n pig in muck. I like to drive when I have to work against the terrain. (Off roading, for me, is glorious.)

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Upasaka died in the early morning hours today.

Yesterday was his 55th birthday.

I saw the birthday reminder on Facebook, and for much of the day I debated what to say. I mean, what DO you say to someone who is spending his birthday in hospice when cancer is eating up his insides? But at dinnertime, his wife posted through his Facebook account that he was near death, so I joined lots of other people in writing comments wishing him peace and blessings.

And this morning I read this:
[excerpt] He died in my arms, quietly, gently and peacefully.
He is my love. He is with God. He is free from his body.
He will dwell within my heart and spirit as he soars into the kingdom of heaven. Never to be forgotten.

most of the rain's blowing by.

15 May 2017 03:09 pm
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I had some bulbs that were given to me
too late in the year to plant.
got them planted just before the rain started.
I'm hoping they'll be too hard to eat
and get left alone to plump and grow.

bears are gardeners.

help with tinnitus?
didn't help me for long.
worth a try- it cut mike's in half

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lots of woodpeckers today
and a cardinal.

M had an inspection + a fire meeting.
the place he inspected had a meeting going on
the sons of the pioneers with open carry.
one guy brought his fire truck?

beat it like a hammer

15 May 2017 09:00 am
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Brent bought me the Alien Quadrilogy on DVD because it was $12 and I'd never seen Alien3 or Alien Resurrection. We were watching and I noted a few things about Ripley in Resurrection and my sweet, lovely, very truthful husband goggled at me.

Husbandthing: 'What do you mean, you'd never do that? YOU DO THAT EVERY DAY.'
Me: 'What?!'
H: 'My lovely wife, you are not and have never been Chaotic Neutral. It's time for you to know the truth. You are Neutral Evil.'
M: 'But I don't follow through on evil!'
H: 'No, that's because you have a Watching Dark.'

He promptly gave me the thesis on it, along with every single bit of documentation. He's such a Laurel's apprentice, ugh. We paused the movie and in the time it took the Blu-Ray player did the auto-shutoff along with the tv and we had to feed the cats. Over an hour. Seriously. Ugh.

And then I proved his point by cooing over the Queen and her offspring. Why does he have to be right. Just, why. >.<

Crown List is this weekend and I am making every dang list I can and then adding to it. It's a cabining unless you make arrangements with the park site, so I have more than usual to pack. I usually just go with sleeping bag, closed-cell foam pad, and one inch self-inflatable (the feeling of a root you didn't find in your hip is miserable, okay?) for sleeping in a tent. In a cabin, I need a little bit more because people keep the cabin frigid. More frigid than camping at BAM in November. Ugh.
I am also bringing a day shade for Heralds! My deputy, Moonestone, Diamond, and anyone else who wants to chill. I might have found a deputy for Moonestone..... :D I like knowing folks and encouraging folks to be HERALDS. Also, I tend to start shenanigans just by my teaching methods. (I know someone who's submitting "Purpure, a unicorn head erased and a bordure argent semy of lozenges azure". I give you three guesses and the first two don't count. MAUAHAHA.

Sometimes you have to get down in the trenches and teach with what you can. If it takes MLP:FiM or Coke labels or A Song of Ice and Fire (oh my gosh the lessons you can teach about contrast with that one), I'll use it.
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made mom a card
buying one
she can see
is not an option.
I've been taking a marker
to the other ones.

put a $2million dollar price tag on it
because the brother always looks at that.
she actually did see it. grin.

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cysters big news, she's self publishing
a book- its her "witness".
she's paying for it to be published.
in the time of drump this might sell well?
book tours in churches. oh boy.
She's going to be an evangelista.

I found the first mutant flower
3 flower heads side by side
its already gone to seed?

M was chomping at the bit
he's trained to mow the grass
and I just wanted the flowers growing,
I'd enjoyed looking at the front yard.
tiny purple creeping charley
big beautiful dandelions.
so I told him go for, it mow away.
he mowed everywhere but the front yard.
he ran over one of sirius's rats. ick

I've been enjoying birds.
some warblers almost moved into
a decorative birdhouse on the porch.
a red breasted gross beak
showed up for the first time yesterday.
austin got himself a hummingbird feeder.

i need a skeleton

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12 May 2017 10:16 pm
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beautiful day
lots of 911 calls.
only one for M
helped a fellow on hospice.

its amazing what compacting a fruit can do
high in natural iron

i love her polka dots- wool hats

it might be a hat
its gonna be a nice ugly hat.
its done!
other side

made the mistake
of letting the dog loose
not on his cable.
used the truck to get him back
then we brought them on a walk
think we let him over use the damaged joint.

I wanted to come in
because it stank outside
they were spreading manure.
so mike got up here
and opened all the windows.

saw someone made hats and wigs for cats.
the more recent ones were on stuffed critters.
don't think they could catch the cat for pictures.
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only 4 to go.
he's found 96?
yesterdays took 4 hours
he'll get paid $7 for the batch
but hopefully people will be safer.

today the temp
in the green house
was 127F and the ambient temp70
it stank from the hot vynel .
opened the vents dropped to 110
opened the door at the end-97
put a light cloth to shade it 80.
closed down at night its 45F the general air 50F
think it needs a ceiling vent? to let heat out

great for sweet potatoes
maybe carrots

I love these poke-a-dots
sculptures by dan lam

I'm working on doing it knitting
they're not pointy but bobbles
painting them with fabric paint would be easier

a neighbor only 2 hours away finds Sophie interesting too

my dad must have a huge liver

computer mining data from papers

mom got her foot brace,
she'll wear it 2 hours a day, then 3 then 4... Read more... )
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