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26 Jul 2017 02:06 pm
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My former boss Adam (he was a good boss) has a podcast about Game of Thrones. Since he's the one that handed me the first book when Brent when to Utah in 2012, I started listening. (The exchanged was more or less like this: 'Brent's going to Utah. You're going to go a little barmy. Here, have something to obsess over that's super long and super detailed so I don't have to fire you because you can't focus.' 'Uh. Okay?' Weekend after I read the entire book at Crown List, I asked for the second book. And then I bought the entire five book set for my Nook. Yeah. I have a soft spot for these books because of that.) It's been really fun to listen to Adam and his fellow nerds talk about Game of Thrones.

I have a horrible miserable wretched sinus infection. Not bacterial, I'm not having the usual bacterial issues. Meds don't tend to do much for me anyway on a sinus infection (unless it's something to help things drain) so I'm waiting to see just how bad it's going to get before I hit the doctor up.

I think I found my copy of Adobe Illustrator and I did find my copy of Paint Shop Pro. (Super excited about that second one because PSP does much better on a complete color swap than my copy of Photoshop (the original 7.0, yo)). Hope it still work on Win10.

Brent and I have also been watching Battlestar Galactica. We've gotten to the fun part of Apollo versus Apollo! MUAHAHA.

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should not be funny

Krúttlegasti raunveruleikaþáttur heims.

an odd word ~ "Krúttlegasti " by its self is "curious'

Krúttlegasti raunveruleikaþáttur heims.
trumps translater did this.
The most real reality in the world.

I see NuttyMinn

our tv stations were gone
the tree tried to hug the antenna- it was rotated directly south.
to day M got on the roof and cut branch end off.
we trimmed the branches the mother tree were supported by they
didn't go back up and were hitting him on the lawn mower.

the baby thrushes were gone the other day
they only stay in the nest 9 days!
naked to flying is amazing
the nest in the bird house still had babies to day
too high to look in but I got a great scolding.

They're going to do dad's other eye tomorrow.

note to self, do not hold cat till 6:30 pager test happens.

storms seem to be poofing to nothing at the Minnesota boarder.

good night
hoping that will keep up.
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touch of gout?
trashing my big toe
think it was set off
by eating Cherries?
oy vey that is contrary.
apple cider vinegar made it awful,
baking soda on the other hand helped.
avoided red meat, white flour and alcohol.
made fruit sherbit and lemonade.
it was to a dull roar two days later,
I could walk this morning but I think
I over did it- making burgers.

I thawed out a huge batch of hamburger
its celebrate the mothers BDay
so I was volunteered to do the meat
mashed in a batch of bread crumbs & formed them.
started up the barbecue and mike cooked them.
they looked great. I tossed some pork in crumbs
and he barbecued them too. I grabbed 2 of the tiny bits
they turned out delicious. I will be doing it again.

took a batch of funny money and glued them down
on a canvas in a quilt pattern, was thinking I'd drill holes
and sew "Happy Birthday" in it, instead I found I had
some cut-out letters and glued them on top of the collaged money.
they weren't easy to see so I painted them white.

the nephew gave her a wonderful card.
2 snowfolks and the fellow is telling his wife
the cake tastes like boogers- her nose is missing
and it is carrot cake. and mom's favorite is carrot.

Actually real, yes. SE corner of Snelling and University, northbound

people do say if you go on will you come back
and tell me what I know? why are they not receptive
when they do? but susan claims her grandparents are devils.
mom don't tell her she'll try to chase them away. jealous bitch.

yesterday Mike replaced most of the plumbing
under the kitchen sink, they have accordion elbows now.
lily and Mike offered us a newish counter with the plumbing
this mess had me wishing I'd said yes to it- Mike automatically says no.
then I push. Now he loves the recliner,
he had refused to help me get in the house.

interesting stories

i smell like barbeque
old norse scruples

time for more water
i'm going to float away

only touch of storm

21 Jul 2017 09:52 pm
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In MSP we had a
new civilian shot
by a cop happen.
this time it was a white woman
and a new black cop who's
from somalia. she was actively
working against genital mutilation.
I think it was a set up, and intentional
he used the excuse I was afraid a fire work went off.
but he and his partner turned off thier body cams
and he shot an unarmed civilian through the side of the car.
she was not a threat.
the officer is under investigation for 2 other incedents
with women and violence.

I wrote this on FB and a man demanded Prove it.
I went looking for news stories and wrote why,
he then attacked me and started in on insults.
WTF?! I wrote you asked for the reasons behind
my theory and you could have done the same for your position.
it was tempting to tell him he did not trump my theory.
I almost gave him this link. but I though it rude like him.

the part that bothers me is this forced
the lady cheif of police ot resign
think she should get to the bottom of what happened
then resign if she must-seems a bit premature.

face mask
you going to the party?

wow look at the time

20 Jul 2017 11:00 am
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I had no idea who Ed Sheeran was or why there was this giant kerfluffle over him being in Game of Thrones. Now I know who he is and what he looks like and y'know? Those are some adorably round cheeks and cute red hair. He can be eye-candy in Game of Thrones all season long. (No spoilers please, I actually haven't seen season seven yet, I'm just catching up on season six.)

Wow it's been since 29 May when I saw the nutria crossing the road that I last posted. I guess I did dream about posting about KWHSS! I SAW [personal profile] tatterpixie there!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME AND SHE HAD THE BESTEST SCRIBAL SET UP AND NOW I NEED ONE for heraldry, not scribery, because yeah, my art's pretty rough, but I can do straight lines for heraldry. HOWEVER I did get not too bad at painting pre-prints. And I can probably work on making a scroll out of the Mamman embroidery. I'm not a scribe. I'm a herald (even with a H!) but I can learn some stuff! (It will probably take a light board. My drawing skills are not really all that great, mostly because my brain-hand coordination isn't wonderful. Thanks, brain damage!)

KWHSS was SUPER. I got to see a lot of people that I'd wanted to see (and some that I'd only been able to talk to online). I CREATED A SERVICE AMOEBA. IT OOZES AGAIN IN THE DEBATABLE LANDS. AMUCK!
I also went up to Sneferu and told him that he was right and Bruce was wrong. Which yes, it's a big thing. But we do need a ruling on something from Cormac Wreath. Can pantheons be tertiary charges?

I have become the Heraldic Webminister for Gleann Abhann's CoH. I am looking forward to teaching my Ruby deputy all about transferring letters in OSCAR because that means she'll be super ready! We even have figured out a screen-sharing software for that.
Bloodstone Herald has been suggested for Webminister job. Probably because it's like trying to get blood out of a stone to get stuff turned in for that sort of thing. I think I'm going to make a pendant or something with glitter. Glitter vinyl, not actual pouring glitter.

I am considering making myself bookplates for my gaming hardbacks. Brent bought me a new one - 'Horror Adventures'. He also picked up the last part of 'Strange Aeons'. I have all six of them! YAY! But I need to stick nameplates in mine. I have a sticker maker and a lot of time. :D

MASTER CONALL MADE ME A BEAUTIFUL RENDITION OF MY NAME IN CYRILLIC. I can't wait to turn it into an SCA business card. I told a friend that I was looking forward to being one of those 'one name people', like Cher, Bono, those sort of people. I will be Skaia, Herald.


the fire works are illegal

20 Jul 2017 01:56 am
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work up in a knot
I'd fallen asleep on a
a pillow it was awful.
straighted out and slept the pain away.

got a call from Lily.
one less dog in Barking Howler
the neighbor had to help her bull dog die.
gus inherited treats.

found out via her son who was drunk
and there at the night of the fiasco-
drunk they screamed it was their right
to blow up fireworks, and I had no say.

turns out the fireworks they were shooting
in dad's & susan's yard are illegal, the Deputies told them.
think they got a verbal warning.
those expensive buggers that leave the ground.
That's the reason they've not been shooting off more.

I tried to talk to them
I could have called the cops.
and reported 'criminal' activity by a convicted felon.
it takes a weight off me.
but I won't try to talk to them, no apology.
no more trying to be a good neighbor-
they are not friends just selfish drunks.

M has done rescue runs for them-
he'll go back again but no help from me.

they probably went into shock wondering why they
could buy them if it's not legal to blow them up.
probably written in the small print.
the fireworks stores won't tell them that.

Mom called to give mike dr's appointments dates and times.

Stressa was told to stay home from work
her blood pressure was too high making her sick
she's cutting out drinking Coke.

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19 Jul 2017 01:07 am
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Today's wake up call
20 questions
trying to figure out
the fone number mom needed.
first she said it was the dentist
but the position of the shop
was the eye dr.s
never heard back.

made waffles and strawberries for breakfast.
then mini pizzas for dinner.

I've been working on peice work.
the points are a problem

ghosts stories

went to the dog yard and a bunny was in it?
bigger than the dead one sirius let me.

I've been listening to "the elementals"
and the grandmother says "don't you have any scruples?' that made me wonder-
what does a scruple look like?,
Can you gather scruples and put them in a bag
to give them out to people who don't have any?
Can a person gather too many scruples?
when does a scruple become a vice?
Morals fall into the same category, as scruples.
if you have a sampler for a moral what would it be?
would you add your scruples to it?
are people sticklers for scruples?
what shape of critter would a scruple take?

time to crash
sweet dreams world
thank you for the rain
its starting to look like a jungle.
you are beautiful stars
come back moon
don't be shy
we miss you <3
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mike went
out with the dogs.
he was looking to
the nest
and the bush shook
so he backed off.

mom called Read more... )

Happy 48th anniversary...

16 Jul 2017 01:04 pm
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... of the Apollo 11 launch!

More later, maybe.

the fish is done, not psychic.

14 Jul 2017 02:27 pm
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woken by a
the sneaks
gave the ID
medical clinic.

my heart goes to this person <3 :8^{
there are so many people who don't fit their body suits.
I had a friend who didn't know he was born with both
possibilities, a victum of a dr's choice.
they had a medical procedure
and found there was an ovary left inside.

well its not a purse
fish hat smile for the camera
reluctant model
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yesterday he went to the lake
and started cutting the lawn at the good
neighbor's at his request.
the apple tree reached out and grabbed at him
and pushed his hat over his eyes he did a sharp turn
and the tarp trapped the mower's blades he had to cut it free
then come home to cut it off the blades.
today he's going to tell the land he has permission
to give it a grass cut, it might go better today. grin.

stressa brought us a batch of fruit
what do i do with a batch of mini lemons?
we got plums and good cherries and red/orange peppers.
its the first time in a while she's followed thru
on a promise she waited 2 minutes and ran.
people really expect others to be on the first floor
right inside the door.
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