my computer keeps freezing

24 Sep 2017 09:10 am
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NO way to make FB work
and talk with folks

was visiting with marty
I was trying to get her a new stove
it was looking, interesting.
we got in a car and drove
under a train trestle talking

M's 3rd 911 call was a 40yr female
having an heart attack and 2:30am

today we're scheduled to go see Giovanna
it'll be the first time we've seen here since
before she got her PHD and her traveling in Europe.
and we moved to Chicago then north to Wisconsin.

I want to bring a batch of stuff to show her
but today is about her, she needs to use this event
to fund her life, and we have nothing to give her. sigh

we might get to visit? I know many fibernistas in MN.
I wonder who else with go.
I'll put the latest dream shawls in the car
but not bring them in.

M's still asleep the dogs have been out
the "Hungries'(cats) have been fed
washed my hair and made the coffee.
tring to let M sleep as long as possible.FB

really wish i lived back 10 blocks away
where we started where it does't take 2 hours
to get there thru road construction,
i just want to cry

woke M up we're gonna be later

nuts and drugs

21 Sep 2017 03:38 am
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a funny after image
the animals
are getting ready
for halloween

mg src="" alt='costumes for halloween' />

nutsRead more... )

I made peanut butter muffins and put rhubarb on top this time.
yum. its odd craving peanut butter-
but it is high in b vitamins.

its back to basics for cleaning

having fiber optic internet
is really different doing ""
my accuracy has improved greatly seeing the whole cube of slides helps.
they've been improving it again so that messes
with things but its ok.
turned off gramerly on chrome and it quit trashing the screen.

moody monday

18 Sep 2017 03:25 pm
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felt something
attack my foot
in the night
woke up feeling
the other foot
felt scratched later.
dratted cats.

it rained
most of the day.

Mike went to check thru the fire hall computer
he'd been afraid cc cleaner would have been
why the poor thing had crashed.
but anyplace it would have shown was clean.
but it probably was the power failure.
they don't turn off the computer
when they leave and have no usp.
he has a meeting tonight and he'll

DavE's legacy ""
Shockwave radio play ""
Think maybe his death was more of a ~time travel.
the body just wasn't needed.
I will catch up with him someday
and I'll find out where he got to go to
that was so important.

someday... a scavenger hunt,

I've been finding some cool things this year
eyeball creature plants

trying to make little monsters
been listening to a series ""
and they have little
dust bunnies, that have 6 legs, 2 pairs of eyes,
and when you see their teeth you are in trouble.
kind of think they'd eat worries
more active, less subtle than worry dolls.

the uncle called- think they could not get the parents
and when I tried to answer I think the folks had called them back.
fone tag is iffy with them.
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I had a batch of blankets
I got up with them wrapped
around me and went and sat
in a field.
I'll be ok I said as I
watched someone
walk away.

got 2 of these cut out and primed.
the board was narrow on one end
but they'll be on opposite corners
angry bird gargoyle

we primed the wood we were replacing on the soffits
I told mike we needed to do it over further- and he had to argue
then looked closer and ripped off more board.
it was the nest over out bed room.

while we were waiting on paint
we trimmed the low hanging branches
and cut out the trees around the garage
and trying to grow into the house.
cleaned the vine off the antenna tower.
mike did 2 trips to the burn pile.

the neighbors up the hill were arguing.
deaf people, stupid people should not
live in multi-unit housing.

Kevin came and helped mike nail the boards.
stressa had to tell me not to fall down.
it is not something necessary to tell someone on the roof.
I ended up feeling like a gargoyle.

it doesn't look we did much.
but it was important to help keep it dry.

sapokka harbor in finland
Sapokka harbor
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Sept 15, 2017
I burned incense for
the dead
and again yesterday.
and tonight I did it again,
last night I found out It was an old friend.
He's the first friend I loved
at the Bozo buss building. My girlfriend walked in
on us in sarah's forest- we were lit in candle light
and it was a beautiful sight she said.
she also told me if I didn't get birth control
she'd name my first child. I did get it right away.
sadly we only played the once but we always
stayed friends. I don't think I fit the requirements
to go to meet momma, I'd started to learn I didn't like
the churchianity and was transitioning out of the
religion I grew up with. going to bible college I found
being a female would always make me a 2nd class person.
I had wanted to be a minister but not after taking their religion classes
and having an art instructor tell me I'd think carnal thoughts doing
nude drawings- But god made human beings why should they be evil?
after all we were made in his image. duh.

any how. Sarah died unexpectantly in the winter
and now Baron Dave He's with Sarah & Reen.
and a host of so many people.
Reen & DaveRome
This was the handsome fellow I made love with.

Obituary: Baron Dave Romm
Filed in Fan, Obituary | Steven H Silver, September 16, 2017 4:16 pm
Tags: Baron Dave Romm
Fan Dave E Romm (b.1955) died around September 15/6. Dave was active in Minneapolis fandom and was an avid photographer, taking pictures of various Minicons and other conventions he was able to get to. He traveled to Antarctic in 2005 and wrote about his experience in Argentus. He also hosted Shockwave Radio Theatre on KFAI-AM and archived the podcasts on his website. Romm became a baron of the micro-country of Ladonia in 2001.

sigh it looks like I'm getting old
I need to grab onto the live friends
and make more.

snorri is sleeping on the same pillow as gus
they are actually touching!! we're downstairs
gus's knee is bothering him and it was trying to storm.
snorri came and comforted me when I started crying
he's much happier I know Meep and talked with me
at breakfast this morning.

Sweet Dreams universe
Dance among the stars Dave
the world has gotten smaller without you
but I will greet the sun with happiness
because you were a part of my life.
Fare Thee well old friend

i'm swamped

15 Sep 2017 12:21 pm
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I'm teaching a Heraldry 101 class tomorrow at Kingdom A&S and I have exactly one thing typed for a hand out - my list of sources. Everything else is going to be a quick run down, showing off SENA and the Admin Handbook, and then questions! I like answering questions. I will make sure my phone is ready to go and maybe even my notebook computer since it's sometimes easier to see something on that screen that a phone screen.

I am a terrible lecturer. AND Adalyde put me up against Morin's Poison Garden class. HOW COULD SHE. I've offered a prize to whoever shows up to my class with Morin's handout.

I loaned out Seasons 2 and 3 of Game of Thrones to Jenna. She devoured Season 1, so I need to eventually pick up the physical copies of Seasons 4-7.

Dystopia Rising has been awesome lately, I've decided to create a Rover Sawbones (basically a combat medic) and I'm pretty sure I will not use a weapon the first couple of games. Mostly because I need the build for other stuff. Like Rescue and Scrounge and other stuff like that.

I forgot that there was a youngish James Woods in John Carpenter's Vampires. I like this movie a lot, no joke. Then again, I like James Woods. But the effects are really neat. Daniel Baldwin makes me groan a lot, though. I'm not a huge fan of him.

I have an awful lot of stuff to get ready for the month of October. It is full of stuff to do - first weekend in October is actually empty, then there's Coronation, Four Horsemen, Diamond Wars and GAHSS, DR:AR (debuting my Rover on my birthday weekend) and then my cousin Caitlin's wedding. Wow. Busy.

we have computer cable-

15 Sep 2017 01:14 am
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woke up to find voices,
the one night I was all naked
and we had the computer tech
come to set up the transfer to co-axle cable.
got dressed fast.
turned out our modem could not handle it.
so we now have real dsl and a new modem.
it is faster
it has dropped once. already.

was looking through my magazine
I found the jacket I had in mind
and the spiral roses.-
the collar would make a good cape
rose jacket

the same magazine had these blackwork ladies.
black work in "Stitch"apr/may 2013
they reminded me I had this handkercheif.

haven't blown up today

13 Sep 2017 02:45 am
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kept waking up with a
headache so I went
back to sleep, till it didn't.
I ended up sleeping past noon?

had patches of sadness all day.
snorri really reacts to the word meep
did it to the pink panther song
singing it got his attention and he got in my lap
he's much more affectionate
now that I know his real name.

today's dream;
I was in a warehouse made of cement block
we lit this odd box with a torch form 2 sides
then ran had to swing out a window and over to the stairs
woke up still running, trying to get away
before it blew up!

mom called and told me she had a roast,
had to ask why? well you said you'd cook it for me.
this was 2 months ago and I needed the rest of the conversation.

it's in the oven with onions, celery, potatoes and carrots.
she wants to share so I think we'll eat with them
I started some bread and its raising on the front porch.
it is on its 2nd rise.

mike is off to start his fire inspections.
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