3weeks since gus fell

21 Apr 2017 11:52 pm
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for the first time
in 3 weeks
gus made it upstairs
he had to do it 4 more times
but the last time
he stayed down there.

he did it too many times.
he's up here!! yea gus.

went and put the plants
all together and tented them
2 geraniums and a tomato.
32F when we got up, go me!

heard owls hooting

we've had a woodpecker
visiting the bird feeder
so bright and beautiful
read head with red cheeks
and stripes on tail and wings.
I need to refill the feeders again
the birds wake up
long before want to.

the sister says
The spirit has led her to make
M&D's meal tomorrow.
(the guilt monster finally popped in)
we'll see how much food disappears
from the cupboards. sigh.

I'm mentoring meals not mothering.
helping them help themselves.
as long as they can.

spent yesterday working on a cat needlepoint
most of the cats were done,
now 1/2 of the background is done
eyes swelled up good. yea wool allergies.

now that yesterdays' entry is done.
time for 2nd sleep

it's gotten warmer
its nice to not have the furnace on all the time
its noisey.

stealing life in between theirs

20 Apr 2017 04:49 pm
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woke up

Do you ever notice when
the sand in your eyes
seems to be like shards of glass?
today they were just thick?
warm wash cloth unclogged them.
no rain yet
though there were dark grey clouds

I love this guys art
the large masks on sticks!
message mice, a king with a wild hare.
his web page."http://www.eidrigevicius.com/index.html"

masks: window screen. tulle, chiffon, plastic
I love the effect of window screen.
a wee bit of florist spray paint and it
can be any color. ~can you see wheels turning?
ps it will make screen less itchy-

the story I'm listening to

I'm mom's food mentor.
hamburgers and mac n cheeze for supper
egg salad & soup for lunch

Tonight I made chili for us.

the mad hatter

20 Apr 2017 11:19 am
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back down stairs
I made breakfast muffins
and finished making coffee

I'm half way thru another hat
a while i ago i made squares
that i didn't know what to do with.
too buzy all together i've been
ripping off the corners and finishing them as hats
"the set so far
the top right one is getting diagonal stripes
from the one on the lower left. in a pill box shape
the top left has become this
the top
mad?hiding in layers -down with the dog
in the cold part of the house.

mom gave me 2 needle felting kits yesterday.
they're for a largish bunny and duck.
I can't believe the prices she paid?
think a few miniatures would be better,
it would be a change from making hats.
think some felt Milagros might be fun
charms- but not till the strip hat is done

day 2 of parenting

20 Apr 2017 02:05 am
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funky dreams

M rearranged the tv.antenna's
so the tv downstairs has most
of the channels-
all the wpt 28:1-3 and mpt 2:1-4
are all gone upstairs.
most of what I watch are on those tv stations.
gus will be happy i go down there
for sewing and knitting.
and the mayfair murderers
think they never should be allowed
golf clubs, cricket bats, balls and oars.
they are bad enough with out sports equipment.
mostly I want to see the cottages
& the fashion.


at the parent:
put last nights left overs
into bowls for future eating,
so I had the pot to cook with.
I made chili for tonight
and chopped up the last deviled eggs
from sandwhiches tomorrow.
made hamburger patty's from tomorrow's supper.
frieddays night supper will be braats
and which they don't eat tomorrow
saturday its chicken tenders and fancy potatoes.

Mom was funny, this is how you eat
all the time "yes" it would be great
if you were here all the time. she wants a mom
to cook for them and take care of everything.
"no" I said. "you don't want me here all the time."

I found stuff in the fridge and trashed it
filled up the garbage with the old meals,
put in the stuff from next to her desk
and brought it out-no it will not stay in here
till someone gets around to putting it out,
made dad unlock the door to let me
put it in the garbage.

one day, one week at a time
when they are tired of me
its susan's turn to cook
she does that to feed them and her.
sundays will be good ha ha.

mom tried to get dad to buy easter candy
turns out dad never went to the side
of the walmart where easter was set up.
I didn't see easter stuff he said. he did not look.
broken man-its tempting to go get her some.
but he'd only eat it.

(no subject)

18 Apr 2017 09:06 pm
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yesterday's was good
went with a girl to her work
she said 'you might fit in'.
it was a bit of a recycle reuse place
when I said I could sew with a machine,
the eyes lit up they wanted a sewing teacher.
better yet they had a place I could set up
with machines and a place to lay out fabric.

today's dream.
I was cleaning up the break room
at an office job, and was working at
making coffee - the machine was
making it difficult- and tried to wash a wall?
think the fixation on coffee meant
I wanted to wake up.

finished off baking my lime almond cookies
this time it was lime and cardamon
with a touch of cinnamon.

cream together
one stick(1/2 cup butter soft)
one cup sugar- combine 1/2 white half brown
more apple and less sugar works too.

mix in: one egg, 1Tspoon apple butter
1T-1/4c spoon lime juice, 1tsp salt.
1-2 tsp cardamon- cinnamon is in the apple butter

beat till fluffy
add the dry ingredients
one cup almond flour
one cup pancake mix(the just add water stuff)
_the original recipe had 1/2 cup flour and no leavening
you rely on the cold cookie dough
hitting the hot oven for the rising-
it does slide out a bit like those buttery brittle things
florentines thank you google.
and needs a greased pan or parchment

put the mixed dough into the fridge
to chill at least one hour
overnight is better

make 1 inch balls and put 2" apart
I use baking parchment underneath
bake 325"F for 12-13 minutes
they will resemble little food paths
with golden around the lower edges
let cool on pan before sliding them off.

warning the little buggers are eager and
one dove back into the oven as I pulled out the pan

you can make logs and roll them into saran wrap
and put them into the freezer and bake them later
as you want fresh cookies.

we put the temporary greenhouse is up
I told austin "your bedroom is here
you can stay here any time :8^o
we'll lay a carpet of dog food bags
and blow up the mattress for him to sleep.

the tent might be good for having a garage sale

I pulled it back down when i saw
severe storms coming on the weather station
and I don't have anything planted yet.

think I folded it up the cover backwayrds, but its ok
a rubber mallott and a hex drive
are my friend and mike.

I had brought in the geraniums and tomatos
one flower pot fell over and I put them on the floor.
I told the dogs not to pee on them
so gus helped himself to the pots in the night,
then washed the floor with it and spit.
dratted dog

oh well its a dog's life
pots are back outside.
the dogs alternate in/out like usual.

today it rained like they said it would(wow)
started the day with a screech as the pager went off.
same lady as last night- think her pain meds had worn off.

today I went over to the mothers
to start figuring out food support.
she was sad, we didn't do it sunday
but they had to work on taxes.
I was not going to stick around for that fun.
Read more... )

called up mom to see how dinner went
she loved the chicken and onions =)
dad chowed down on mac and cheese
with a little chicken- but at least they ate!
with hot crossed buns and deviled egg leftovers.
it was a feast.
now if only mom would walk.
at least she wasn't in bed.

"http://lithub.com/some-of-gabriel-garcia-marquezs-best-characters-were-dead-people/" more stories to search thru
good story telling.
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made it through
the family event.

the brother had work
for the tax thing.
he had forms
he didn't have last time.
dad is going to make it
as much work as possible
dad's making them lose money.
by his refusal to help get it done before,
he gets increased late fees.

he can't figure out why property taxes are so high
when he had our places assessed
as high as possible_it raised his taxes>
he did it to get the equity for his balloon
and he got extra money-more than the balloon
which he already spent.

austin is going to actually help
with cleaning up the cabin,
and we're going to try to keep dad
out of it.

the good news dad's internet connection
died. he can't spend online without the internet.
was thinking maybe austin did it on purpose?
did you do it? naw
ours has be crappy-
centurytel has installed cable
but its not online & accessable to me

speaking of shit
why there used to be so much room
around the toilet, chamber pots
I'd thought they were a squat to use
but no.. you hold the pot and stand.
should be easier without tons of petticoats.

family obligation # 6011 oastra

16 Apr 2017 04:02 pm
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drat I burned the bunny bread
it cooked hotter
because i forgot about
the weekend power surge

so much for bunnys

austin gave me a green house
and a smaller ground thingy

its windy with passing sunshades

austin is there starting on taxes

M called where is the event?
the sister with the portable cell fone
says its here.

think i'll spend the next 4 hours checking out
where here could be chomping on a burnt bunny

eggwash with sugar sprinkles was a bad thing

sirius has his oastra infection
he's got his head bang up to the chair arm
with a head ache.

Milepost of civilization

15 Apr 2017 03:32 pm
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And now, everyone who was born in a year beginning with 18 is dead. Since today is the day after what would have been my grandmother's 127th birthday, it seems appropriate somehow.

Today is also the fourth anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, right around the corner, practically, from the building where I rented a room in an apartment during the summer of 1979. I have the Netflix DVD of the Mark Wahlberg movie at home, but I don't think it's going to get watched this weekend, not with the new Doctor Who episode tonight.

LJ's 18th

15 Apr 2017 01:19 pm
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I guess the service is now old enough to vote????


14 Apr 2017 10:51 pm
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I *finally* accepted the evil new LJ TOS today. Just because I wanted to check in on those friends who (a) haven't left LJ and (b) friends-lock their posts. (If you look at LJ in a browser in which you are not logged in to LJ, you can see the public friends' posts on your feed.)

Still haven't figured out whether I will delete the LJ or just stop posting there eventually. We shall see. In the meantime, if you're reading this on LJ and want to see the two most recent things I wrote, go here and here.

several disjointed things

14 Apr 2017 03:26 pm
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I freaking love dw.org. Party in [site community profile] dw_news comments! Welcome, new folks!

Tomorrow I plan to take the several hundred foot of extension cords we have and link them all together (I believe it's called 'daisy chaining') and hack apart the pampas grass next to the light pole. I hate pampas grass (I grew up getting cut up by it) and I have wanted to set fire to this stuff since I moved in. Unfortunately, light pole (soaked in creosote). Hateful plant. So I'm going to destroy it. MAUAHAHAH. I need to trim back some of the bushes around the house so I can get to the windows to clean them as well, though. Might as well let all the light shine in.

My tomato plants are doing well! They'll eventually go into the ground proper, but not yet. I want to make sure they are good and ready before I put them out (after this weekend, since Easter is usually when folks put stuff out here).

I am trading Jenna chili for massage work. She says I don't need to give her anything for it, I'm her friend. I retort that she's aliit and therefore I take care of her as she takes care of me. Which confuses her, but that's okay.

I had a long discussion with Linda about 'tribe' today. She says my tribe is very big - my tribe is not horribly big! We collect people who need us. Sometimes they go off and don't need us anymore but they turn around and help others like we helped them. It's all I can ask for.

I wonder where I put those files for the dreamsheep mood icon? I need to find those and go through it.

OOo oooo ooo! I finished Winter Tide by Ruthanna Emrys and oh my sweet Shub-Nigaroth, you should go purchase it right now. [personal profile] ashnistrike did an amazing job and it's wonderful.

easter is coming

14 Apr 2017 12:45 pm
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if your partner
doesn't want
to be at a family
they have a good reason.
as long as you don't listen
to the victim, you are enabling
the enabler..

believe them

just because people
are family does not mean
they are safe.
sadly many don't know they're
being manipulative assholes

took mike years to finally understand this
and he keeps thinking forgiving them will end it.
but no the only safe place is not to go there.
still I'm trying to help them.

hate wkingupin a spy novel

14 Apr 2017 06:39 am
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was with a friend
spread out my cocoon
and rolled into sleep

next dream i'm tryit to say
'no sex'to a very self important man
isn't it nce to just 'be'?
saying to the ballerina you
must be all kinds of flexible
and pretzel well as she preened
a door opened
the guys "friend" walked in
I drop to the floor and flatten
next to a sofa
as the all get blown away
bam bam bam

woke up
it was gus's tail downstairs
his oo-oo-oo got me awake
bu i know one of the shots was real.
it is dawn on the tundra.
the birds are singing
'wel-come spring, spring is here'
fed the 'Hungries-" 3 cats & dogs
now if only gus would go back to sleep
welcome spring
sleep is here

time for more than 4 hours sleep

ugly and a good

13 Apr 2017 03:27 pm
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of memory.

uhm mom said "I was going to come visit
on the way home from the clinic"

yes?i replied

"but i saw you had company
there was a red truck in the drive"

"that's our truck, mom."

thought your car was white

"no. it is red has been for years.
you've been riding in our red truck(escape)"

we had a white van when we moved up here
but that was _years_ ago.

got up and did dishes-
and watered the plants
my oxalis are budding!
found out they don't like freezing.
so it is good i brought them in all these years.
oxalis in blog . way to make this planting

(no subject)

13 Apr 2017 09:28 am
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White Wolf and Phoenix wasn't joking when they promised speedy delivery. Paid for it on Monday evening, it's in my grubby little hands now. Dang. (WWP does gorgeous threads - linen, silk, bamboo, alpaca, wool, cotton - all in great colors.) It's to go with Brent's Super Secret Baronial Wars project. (I can't wait to take photos of that when completed!)

I have several things I need to catch up on with heraldry - I need to send out electronic notifs for a couple of the LoAR's - one came out during war and one came out right after it. (Go Sovereign Team!) But between scanning and writing the letter, I got swamped. Now I have some time.

I scrubbed the bugs off of the front of my car (and the backs of the mirrors). WOW. My sweet Cap is now white again. In spots, at least, I didn't do the whole car, just the parts with bugs and bits growing on him.

I bought a book. BOOOOOOOKS. It's Winter Tide by Ruthanna Emrys. SO EXCITED ABOUT IT I love reading awesome Cthulu stuff and this fits. :D :D

I have lots of stuff to do, but Jenna wants me to come with her to look at a car.

Dreamwidth update

11 Apr 2017 11:55 pm
luscious_purple: Baby blasting milk carton with death-ray vision (death-ray baby)
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I still can't crosspost to LJ because I still haven't accepted the new, evil TOS. I suppose I'll have to, eventually. But I have so much else to do this week.

I started my LJ in July 2003 and began this DW blog in March 2010. My crossposting between the two platforms was a bit spotty at first, and occasionally I posted to only one or the other because I was focusing whatever I was saying on someone who was on just one site. Since March 2010, though, I suspect that 99 percent of the content is crossposted.

If I start importing my LJ to DW, will the previously crossposted posts made after March 2010 be duplicated in DW, so that I have two copies of every post from 2010 on? How does the importing function handle entries that might be slightly different from DW to LJ? Would it be better to simply start a new DW account -- "luscious_archive," let's say -- and import the whole LJ shebang into it, and leave it as a record of my LJ activity?

I never did get lj_book to work at all. I'd like to back up my LJ as PDF copies of each entry on my external hard drive, but dang, that is one repetitive, lengthy, boring chore. And I don't have time for that chore. I have a feature article due early next week and a job interview on Thursday afternoon (at a place where I've already been turned down for three jobs over the last few years, but oh well), and I have very little money and I desperately need the cash from the writing job, and yeah, stress stress stress. Plus, I need to do some budget stuff for church, and oh, yeah, the congregation's search for a new settled minister is going to take just a bit longer because none of the candidates we wanted actually wanted us. *sigh*

Plus, I hear that DW's import function is swamped because of the latest LJ crisis. So, yeah, I'm not going to deal with it this week.

(no subject)

11 Apr 2017 02:07 pm
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Right now with everyone who's coming into Dreamwidth, we're all Support. Folks see someone on /latest with problems or questions and it's answered. Standard-bearers all. Thanks, [personal profile] jjhunter.

I cleaned the glass in the French doors to the carport and oh my. Now I have serious motivation to clean the mudroom up and get it finished. The trick of wiping the inside one way and the outside the other really does help when you need to figure out if you got all the dirt off or if there's a dirty streak. The Power of Dawn and Vinegar Compels You! Dirt, be gone! :D

I have been thinking about adding to my tattoo on my wrist. I am thinking about the Resol'nare rhyme. [personal profile] bedlamsbard has the Starbirds. I want the Skull and the Resol'nare. We're cool.

Speaking of Mando'ade, Brent's working on a project for Baronial Wars (it's a Star Wars themed SCA event) where Gellis and Gida are stepping down as Baron/ess of Axemoor (New Orleans Metro Area). It's going to be a fabulous project. He'd like to put it in the A&S competition, but he can't. Maybe at the next commentary only display he can show it. But it's beautiful.

Brent and I have been discussing Mando'ade lately. I suppose he sparked it with his Baronial War's project and I furthered it by rereading all the Republic Commando books. When we got married, we had already texted the Mando'a marriage contract to each other. Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde. 'We are one when together, we are one when apart, we will share all, we will [raise/educate] warriors.' Ba'juri can be translated as either raise or educate. As I do not have children, I chose the 'educate' meaning. But yeah, we're nerds. :D But we do have an aliit. We've made our own.

a brief touch of winter

11 Apr 2017 12:52 am
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haven't heard
from the folks
since dad called
mom needed help
turned out
dad had plugged both
toilets again

M had told him
you need to get a plumber
frieday. I can not fix this.

we got some sprinkling
and now its snowed abit
not much accumulation

austin called his power is out
I there it was centered on his house
(because he called first?)
looking on the power outage form.
told him he's welcome here.
probably be warmer if we sent down there.
ad sardine him. told him we'd bring gus
for extra heat.

the dad after the sister gave one month
notice they hired someone new.
she must have had a short timers attitude.
hope she had vacation hours stored.

brought a table down stairs
and set up a tv it has 6 stations
it's starting to look like a normal
living room.

found a lovely french movie Anime´
the suicide shop.-

(no subject)

10 Apr 2017 09:54 pm
sporky_rat: One of the Awesome Future Dudes from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. (you talkin' to me?)
[personal profile] sporky_rat

I answered lots of comments today. I helped Jenna. Looks like the fuel pump in her truck is gone, so she's going to consider a more fuel-economical vehicle to drive. It'll be less expensive in the shorter-long term than a Ford F-150 driving almost three hours round trip for work.

She worked on my shoulder for payment. It'd been going numb and having tingly sensation. She found a horrible muscle knot and also the muscles in my tail end are horrible and all messing up my sciatic nerve. She's pretty sure it's my hip muscles trying to compensate for my ankles.

Tomorrow is going to be very busy on the phone. I have several folks to call. And I have a D&D game to work on.

quiet in the corner

9 Apr 2017 10:47 am
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the tomato plant.
got to be on the porch
last night
its pretty whimpy
but it wasn't dead.
tried walking the gods
but sorenson started shooting
poor dog droooled.
home we came.
he was better with the thunderstorm
luckily for him it didn't last long

a different webblog host
if you were not an introvert..
like me or you have something to promote.
I can't get it to accept a .jpg for my profile
probably prefers windows.

getting past the mansplaining
regaining the floor when being talked over.

found a word for T a "quisling" n. norwegion origin
a person who betrays his or her country by aiding an invading enemy, often serving later in a puppet government.
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