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Working hard to create as much product as possible for the upcoming Ashville Viking Festival. If you have never been there, you need to go! They have been hard at work on the Viking longboat. This year the weather looks to be warm and dry. What a change! http://www.ashvillevikingfest.com/enter.htm

Ashville Viking Festival

I am focusing on hat-making, cardwoven belts and trim, and my normal yarn, long stockings, and more! Tomorrow I unpack totes to restock. I have a layout in my head for the pavillion. After yesterday's grocery run, I have a pantry to pull together food for the weekend. I think there will be cooking in my future. The weather looks clear for the next couple of days. I'm winding yarn and labeling it. I just finished sock yarn, naturally dyed in onion skins, some in dyer's coreopsis. There could be more dyeing this week. Depends on time. There will definitely be handwoven scarves and the looms that can make them.

Ashville Viking Fest - Day 15 of hats

Costumes By Loren will be there, The Amber Fox, Time Traveling Traders, Annie Laurie Cloaks, The Lost Viking Hoard, and the wonderful weaver from Yellow Springs. So many fantastic businesses in the Saxon Marketplace! Come to shop, watch jousting, have an old fashioned ice cream, and a great time. It's free. Donations for the food pantry are being taken. There will be an amazing auction of goods as well as a reenactment village, covering quite a timeline.

Ashville Viking Festival

You will find me under a period tent that I will share with Richard and Anna, who make carved cookie presses. Stop in and see our wonderous wares!
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Today I spent all day getting ready for the show. I wound over sixty balls of yarn with a hand-crank ball winder that has seen better days. I now have one lovely carton of wool. I cleaned out the van. I loaded the van. I repacked totes and have a bunch more items to load tomorrow. Unfortunately, we will have to set-up in the rain. It should clear up by Saturday. Come out and join us. To get directions and more information on the show, visit http://www.ashvillevikingfest.com/enter.htm

The late evening was spent pulling together the rest of the Pennsic paperwork to prove membership, tax license, insurance, etc. I also have to hit the bank tomorrow for change for the cash drawer. And mail the etsy orders before I leave. Bed now. Hope to see you at the show!


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