2 Jan 2017 01:57 am
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With the help of many patrons, we managed to meet the January 1st bills. For all of you who placed orders, thank you! Because etsy takes an extra day to receive funds, some bill paying finagling will happen tomorrow. Custom orders are finished. Shipping resumes on Tuesday as the post office is closed on Monday. Inventory is still going on. Every bin and scrap of yarn must be weighed. Several things are missing outright. I suspect I will have to go on a search mission as my handspun red/blue/gold was stolen by pixies. New scarves have been laid out and planned. Many new items are being added to each day. The goal is to get the certified organic wool photographed, editted, and listed. This effort has been hampered by weather. Currently its in the 40s and raining. More bills are coming up. The next goal is to make enough for the insurance and the car payment. Toilet paper would also be nice.

Currently on the loom, teal cotton/linen scarf. On the needles is a black flatcap. This is exciting because its so hard to come by black in the brand I use. Updating 10/2 cotton for the website this week. Hoping to get yarn on order for Arisia. The van got licensed. Hoping to raise enough money to get the necessary repairs for it.

On the domestic front, leftover cranberries were made into bread. Cleaning happens randomly as the mood takes me. Pancakes with cranberry curd and sloppy joes graced the table this week. The orders received over the last week allowed us to restock oatmeal. So yay! There is now homemade granola. We caught up on dishes today. I also did some hand laundry, wool sweaters. Theoretically, the new job will have a schedule shortly, followed by training. I'm guessing three to four weeks before I see any pay from a gig. No one runs ad campaigns right after Christmas. The most I can hope for from this new agency is about $400 to $600 a month. Certainly not enough to live on. It does offer freedom with regard to scheduling so that I can chase off to do art shows and SCA events.

Gardening continues throughout the winter because its been mild. I dug a small swale yesterday and got covered in mud. Sheet mulching along the side of the house happens with holiday cardboard boxes and cardboard found while cleaning. Coffee grounds go on top followed by sawdust. The east side of the house is a pain to mow so I am just mulching it. Bushes are too close to the property line for me to get a mower through. This way I don't have to. Eventually hoping for black current bushes, aronia, and gooseberries to become the new fence between my house and the neighbor's. One should have dreams.

It's another late night! Here's to the future. May we learn from our mistakes.

The garden on Spruce


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