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Not really sure what the point of having a job is. We have only the gig economy. I must pay for product each time I demonstrate it. So far I'm out $60. Eventually, they will reimburse me. Meanwhile, I can't pay the utilities because I have the priveledge of having a job. By next week, I'll be out over $100 for products I'm demonstrating. It won't be reimbursed for over two weeks. I am also out the time I use to create art. I cannot make product for the art show if I am standing at the grocery store handing out free samples. The job involves standing still, not moving, under horrible fluorescent lighting, in a refridgerator section for five hours straight. All this for $12 an hour. There is also a dress code. Jacket is not allowed. Black pants, belt, black closed toe dress shoes, white button-down blouse, hat or hairnet, provide your own table and tablecloth, and disposeable gloves. And the requirements for the job are to have a smart phone, ($85 a month), a computer and internet ($51 a month), and of course a car. All these things cost more than the job is actually paying. The job only happens a few weekends a month. So how exactly is that suppose to work? You have to already have more assets than you will receive. The incentive for abusing your body in this manner is what? Somehow the world has dupped us into believing you have no value unless you work. That belief runs very deep. So many people think its great that I am working instead of running my own business. What happened to lauding the entrepreneur? Is the American dream dead? You can't have it both ways America. You must have jobs that provide a living wage as well as the hope of having something better.
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