19 Feb 2017 09:40 am
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Looking over my garden, I was looking at gooseberries again as part of a walnut guild. And then I found honeyberries. They are in the honeysuckle family. We already have honeysuckle growing in the neighbor's lilacs, right by the walnut. So I think they might work. They produce very early, even before strawberries. They like shade. I think as a natural border under the mulberry, they would be great. Height about 4'. That area has a microclimate for spring and warms much earlier than the rest of the yard. Because the mulberry has no leaves yet, more sun gets through early morning and in the evening. You need two bushes minimum for pollination.


I was looking over gooseberries too. I finally found some species that are white. One is called Invicta.
The other is called Pixwell. When I was a kid, we always had both currants and gooseberries. Both grew well under our Butternut tree (white walnut). When I searched last year, I could only find pink or red gooseberry bushes.

Shade Mapping

And because I could really use more nitrogen fixers in the yard, I was looking at another Goumi bush. I already bought one two years ago from this business. I went there in person. I find mail order plants go through hell once the weather heats up. They cook inside postal vehicles and arrive half dead. I currently have seeds on order that had to go from Northern California via Arizona and are taking over week with Fedex. It has to do with I-80 and the Oroville Dam. The area was evacuated because the dam is about ready to collapse. Erosion under the walls is to blame as well as a lack of oversight. Oroville runs a hydroelectric power plant too. http://ediblelandscaping.com/buyPlants.php

Along the side of the house, I want an Aronia bush next to the lilac. The neighbor's fence is slowly deteriorating. I don't think she is interested in repairing it. A natural fence or hedgerow is what I'm working on. Aronia has lovely berries and is the same size as the lilac. I already have two Elderberries along there. I built stone water catches for them. The property line is way off towards the front yard. I am trying to correct it. I think one of the yew bushes is going to have to go. There is no room to squeeze through if I correct the propery line. It's a slow process.


And finally in the front yard, I want lingonberries in with my blueberries. They are companion plants. I may just take a drive into Ohio. There is a nursery called just that, Companion Plants. I need mad money first. Guess I should go work on my taxes.



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