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I got in late last night from the Viking Festival. I woke this morning when my body no longer needed anymore sleep. I was so thirsty. I made tea. My husband needed to be bathed so I got that done. Then came breakfast, granola and yogurt. I made him get dressed by himself. He needs to learn which tasks to ask for help and which he can do alone. Next task for me was to empty the bedside commode and clean it.

Chronographia got an early start despite a bad cold or sinus infection. She has two events back-to-back, leaving on Thursday and must work on a commission as well as her own work for sale. She got her dyebath going. She is doing ice dyeing on cloth. I, on-the-other hand, got the linen and hemp skeins going. The blue turned out really nice. More of a denim than a royal blue, but I am pleased. I immersion dye on yarn which is very different from cloth dyeing. My process ate up two hours. The food situation needed to be assessed. Four eggs left and leftover spagetti. Hmmm. Waffles with apple sauce for lunch (using two eggs) and spagetti for dinner. Fortunately there is lettuce outside.

The very persistant woman from India called, representing some gas company. "You are eligible to switch and lock in lower rates. Please go get a copy of your bill. I will wait." No. I can't get a copy of the bill. I am not at home. "I'll wait." She called three times. Most certainly not from Burrell, PA as indicated by caller ID. That number is now banned on my phone. Sometimes I wonder why I have a phone.

I got a small amount of weeding done while waiting for the dyebath to finish. I transplanted some Shungiku and worked on quack grass. I got one small bed of potatoes planted before the sky opened again but I burnt a waffle because there was this submerged log and then a buried stepping stone in the middle of the potato bed. There is never a lever around when you need one.


With lunch finished and the weather pouring rain, I headed to the bank with what cash I had. There were no etsy orders today. The camera is an absolute necessity. I maxed out the credit card to get it repaired. It was ready so into Pittsburgh to get it. More errands to get something to settle Chronographia's stomach. Totally not in the budget. Stress really can screw up your life. Then picked up coffee grounds from Starbucks. They added a banana smoothie to their menu so I get banana peels to compost as well.

Just enough time left when I get home to call in a bill payment before the deadline. They apparently don't like people paying by phone. They no longer have phone numbers on the bill. I refuse to pay online. I have had my info hijacked that way one too many times. Bill paid successfully. On to making dinner. Somehow I did manage to finish knitting a hat today and go through the weekend's mail. Penguins/Caps game started. It was a sad moment for the overall game of hockey. Knocking out your opponent by injury rather than skill hurts the sport as a whole. I was very disappointed. I enjoy a well played game regardless who wins. Sigh. Dishes got done and some thread got put onto the warping board. The day is over and I still haven't started on applications for medical assistance. More hospital bills came in, this time from the rehab facility. Those are new. I wonder when I will have a total picture of all the medical bills. Got a regular credit card bill due this week. Not enough for it or food. Notice I didn't say "and". This is getting old. I really don't want rates hiking to 35%. I need to get my butt with paperwork to the bank. But I also need to make bread so we have food tomorrow. I need a clone.

If I can round up some etsy orders, that would go a long way to fixing things. My advertising money was eaten by today's bill so I think I got trapped in a viscioous circle. Can't make money because I can't advertise. I can't advertise because I have no money. Doh! It's okay. I didn't have a camera or ad ready copy and today was the ad deadline. Chronographia was too sick to pull it together. She's asleep while I go over customer service. There have been a lot of questions on etsy. I was afraid I forgot something. I was right. A regular client got neglected. Ouch. She needed an answer two weeks ago. I was a total space cadet. To be fair, there have been many other clients with questions and sample requests. But I blew it. I pulled more samples together to go out in the mail. I wrote to a few people. I had to correct etsy shipping on all my shipping profiles because they can't get it through their thick skulls that the US Virgin Islands is part of the USA, ie. same shipping rate. So I had to add it as a country. I don't have to do that with Puerto Rico. It doesn't make sense. My client there is happy. There is a big difference between $3 shipping and $17 shipping. No immediate order forthcoming but at least she is not totally pissed off at etsy anymore. Tomorrow will be another long day. I hope they get easier soon.


Date: 3 May 2017 10:56 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] haertstitch
Dear india lady
sorry you don't need to call
you give me gas for free?
goes good with beans
thank you for free gas- You give me number
I call when I eat beans again.
oh my number will be changing
you want new number? give her the white house in dc.

john walking is good !

no snow here so far



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