4 May 2017 12:34 am
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Yes sometimes you win. More times you lose.

Starting back at the beginning. Commision work was taken on by StrangeHours. A business "friend" wanted art-dyed T-shirts with her logo. Yes she is serious and has money. Chrono agreed to do prototypes. Biz lady sent a bunch of mens Medium Ts. Chrono advised her it would take a whole lot of sizes to take to each convention, lots of display space, grid walls, etc. Biz lady doesn't drive. She takes the train to shows since she mostly does jewelry which fits in a suitcase. Chrono advised her to try scarves because they are size independent and easy to pack. Biz lady got very agrumentative. She has a vision. Apparently she has never seen large people at conventions. She must need glasses. It goes on from there. And gets worse. Treating your partners or even vendors like subordinates and talking down to them, this is not good people skills, let alone professional. So now micro-management comes by text. Chrono texts back "we need clear contract for any future work". Now Chrono is labeled "unprofessional" and is "burning her bridges". Cutting toxic time-wasting people from your stress level is good business sense. Because it gets even worse. They were to share booth space at the Steampunk World Fair. Booth space became room-selling which sucks. Expectations were that Chrono should drive and park a loaded van for a week in Brooklyn? I think not. All of a sudden Chrono is supposed to supply biz lady with her own grid walls so there is almost no display for StrangeHour's hats. No, I really think not. So Chrono and yours truly worked very hard to ice dye shirts and scarves to really cool designs. Silk screening logos on top was time consuming and fraught with slight booboos. Professional silk screening would be so much better. Would biz lady even consider it? No. Now Chrono wasted lots of time and has no product of her own for this show. And biz lady throws a hissy fit. Yes. Too much drama today. I'm also out of dye too now. We'll see if biz lady pays up. I doubt it. Shirts and scarves are packed. Good riddance. So no show at all this weekend or next. No income.

I had a client write me about the loom he ordered. He was given tracking info. It was delivered. His neighbors appear to have stolen it. He wants to know why I haven't shipped. Yes, mercury is in retrograde along with several other planets. I want a large blanket to hide under until this is over.

I topped off the day with a trip to the bank. I scoured every pocket, car and seat cushion for change to cover the bills. I have nothing left. Nothing at all. It all went into the bank. We'll see how many overdraft charges hit. There is a slim possibility that the house can be refinanced. It would help out a lot, covering four separate bills, but our credit score must be over 700. Tomorrow I must take Hubby to the driver's license center to get a state ID. Then we shall see. Finger's crossed. Mercury, please turn around, for goodness sake. My husband is almost skin and bones. We need to fix this situation. Show sales are down across the entire US. Threatening government shutdown has people terrified. Climate change is causing more severe weather events like the flooding we had last weekend. No people=no sales I have called upon my elected representative for property tax rebate forms. Maybe it will help. Ever wonder why I never get any product of my own made? Time, time, time. . .


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