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The weather has turned warm. Storms have come through with water. Lots of things are growing. I have radishes growing where there should be Brussel Sprouts. I have dill growing 50 ft away from where it was planted. Sunchokes came up in a shade garden. I have carrots growing in between bricks on my back porch. And columbine between the front porch steps. My critters have replanted the entire yard. I think I have madder growing in a potted planter along with beets. Beet seeds get eaten probably by mice. I have to put them in a planter. Lamb's ear took over the front yard. Not sure whether oregano or the lamb's ear will win. Coltsfoot is coming in well too and the comfrey owns an entire corner of the yard.

Still no sign of beans. Chrono hilled the potatoes. They got big in a hurry. No luck with zucchini at all. Butternuts went into the 2 sisters garden since beans won't grow. The other pot of honey butternut needs a home where they won't cross polinate. One elderberry has flowers for the first time. So do the red raspberries. Need to pick and dry leaves for tea. Still waiting for more strawberries to ripen. Birds and deer are eating a lot of those. I need to get out and put strings up for the peas.

Swiss chard was eaten for lunch. There really isn't much food yet coming from the garden. The cupboards are very bare. I feel like old Mother Hubbard. I worked all weekend. First setting up a tent for a friend, then a brand ambassador job, then selling fiber arts supplies, then tearing down a booth and packing it up. Tonight I worked on carding fleece to sell. Tomorrow off to the bank to make the car payment. More applications to file and paperwork for the house refinance. I get to find out why a dye test must be done, what a dye test is in the first place, what that has to do with a tax certificate, and why they sent me to Kennedy Twp when that isn't where I live. Think I'll have a chat with Macieko. He is a very helpful person for a tax collector.

Some days I am just grateful for toilet paper.


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