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The refinance fell through. Some of the bills are paid. Some are not. Aide applications - some assistance has come through, some has been applied for, some more applications are on my desk. The medical bills have been catalogued and are in a pile. The cupboard is dangerously empty. The food aide, Produce for the People, happens the first Tuesday of each month. We'll see what, if anything we can eat. Too many food allergies here. Mostly just wishing for a pickup in sales. I don't like asking anyone for help. I really don't. I worked a whole day for another firm and got a whopping $45 for my efforts. There is something fundamentally wrong in America today.

The neighbor says we are feeding 5 deer now. He's not happy about it either. I've taken to picking barely pink strawberries so the deer don't get them. So far, there are 12 strawberries. So much for growing all your own food. I think the township owes me a deer. I fed it after all. Vension in strawberry wine. I like that idea.

Saving Strawberries

Slugs, bugs, and ants are devouring what's left. So what we grow is only the truly prolific or invasive. Slugs are eating the rhubarb. Something else et the watermelon. But black raspberries are everywhere. Mulberry branches are weighted down with fruit. Sunflowers are coming up in bizarre places. So go with the flow. There should be lambs quarters next week. There are a few radishes and a few of this and that. I harvested a whopping 2 ounces of salad greens that I planted at the end of January. Really big harvest there.

Eventually there will be potatoes, onions, and garlic. Not sure about tomatoes. Never sure about tomatoes. You'd think that if nightshade likes it here, tomatoes would too. But must we only ever have cherry tomatoes? I need something big enough to can. Squirrel planted an acorn under one of my blue Cherokees. No more tomato but now two oak trees. Not a fair trade.

I harvested honeysuckle for mead making. Aparently its considered an invasive species. The neighbor let it grow all over his lilacs. I took some blooms off his hands. Now I just need 2 pounds of honey. Recipe: https://www.jaysbrewing.com/2013/05/09/easy-honeysuckle-wine/


Toni sent us oranges again from her boss' yard in Hollywood. He has trees of fruit everywhere. There is nothing like a chemical free, straight from the tree, fully ripe orange. I dried some of the peels after washing them well. Chrono made marmalade. We are storing it for future use.

Present from a friend

Orange Marmalade

Tonight Chrono made roast rabbit in the crockpot. Apparently, according to The Joy of Cooking, American-based meat rabbits are like white-meat chicken and European-based rabbits are like dark meat. All I can say is that it was very tasty. I could get used to rabbit. We get ours from a local farmer in Eighty-Four, PA. Thinking about raising my own but that involves building cages.

Tomorrow is another day. Stock will be going back on etsy after the Great Lakes Fiber festival. One container at a time. Lots of stuff to unpack first. Dyebaths tomorrow. The color of the day will be purple.


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