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The fireflies are dancing in the garden. So much happened today! Chrono picked parsley. It will get chopped and frozen into ice cubes and bagged later in the freezer, ready to drop into winter soups. The last of the strawberries were picked. Those will go into salads. Last week's batch of strawberries got sliced and dried for winter. I checked on those, gave them a little extra heat, and plopped them into a jar. The lettuce I planted in seed trays at the end of January is full and almost ready to bolt. A colander-full resides in the fridge.

Parsley harvest

I got up early to pick fresh mulberries for my husband's yogurt. I got about a cup, just standing in the driveway. The mulberries are winding down. I think if I can find one more container for the freezer, I will pick the last batch tomorrow. Huge quantities of ripe juicy black raspberries greeted us when we got home from the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Fest. I am thinking of turning those into syrup. For now, they can live in the freezer. Red raspberries are in their first production year. They come in small quantities and get eaten for lunch. There aren't many. Peas, OMG, peas. It is the first time I have gotten a yield big enough to make anything with. The no-dig technique is in its third year. It is starting to make a difference. I shelled peas for the first time since I was a kid. We froze a small container of peapods for winter. The rest got shelled and went into chicken ala king. I thinned carrots as well today. Four nice size carrots came in for dinner as well.

Black raspberry

White lavender, Chrono talked with the bees about letting her have some to dry for stuffing her Hamza's. She spent the evening tying it into bundles. The bees love it so much. We left it outside until they went home to their hives. I added dirt to my potatoes that were exposed to sunlight. Sunlight causes them to become green. They produce a toxin and become inedible. I think that patch will be only fit for seed potatoes for next year. So I did a bit of hilling today.

Red raspberry

Internet has been very spotty. The post office had issues yesterday. We lost power Sunday. The bank server was down today. Horrible storms had come through Sunday night. Today was a good day to be outside doing things, nice and still cool. I cooked the hollyhocks. I also did a second batch of coreopsis. The hollyhock color looks like driftwood. The coreopsis turned out close to the same color as last week. I think there are only enough flowers for one more batch. I checked my dye books. It says that my barberry should give me turquoise if used in conjunction with indigo. This I MUST try. I need to prune soon anyway.

Hollyhock on wool

As I checked up on things in the garden, I weeded. The rhubarb looked healthy. Not too much slug damage. So I picked more, chopped it and froze a container. So pleased with my yields. I have a good hot compost pile going. The only thing having a hard time is basil. The weather hasn't turned hot yet. Anyone ever try epsom salt around tomatoes? I saw that in the Farmers Almanac. I am wondering if that really helps or if its an old wives tale.

More weeding to do, maybe tomorrow. We got groceries and have to make food to take for the next werkend at faire. We leave on Friday. It's a ten hour drive regardless of what the map program says. I need to unpack and repack. Sigh. I feel like a giant hamster on a wheel. Now if folks would come out to the faire, have a good time, and buy a souvenir, life would be very good indeed.

Date: 29 Jun 2017 12:29 am (UTC)
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I have found epsom salt to be very helpful with tomatoes. (I also have to enrich the mess out of my soil, it's super acidic and takes a ridiculous amount of lime to be happy for stuff that doesn't like acid.)

Re: Epsom salt

Date: 29 Jun 2017 04:24 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sporky_rat
Epsom doesn't neutralize the acid, it just adds magnesium to the soil, which helps the plant get the nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus it needs.

I usually add about a table spoon the hole before I put my seedling in, but some people mix it up with water and spray it. Once a month is 2 tablespoons per gallon, twice a month is 1 tablespoon a gallon.

If you can get pine straw from someone, you can add it to your soil and as it breaks down it'll lower the alkalinity.

I live in the Blueberry Capital of Mississippi. There's even a Jubilee for it, with a Queen and Princess.


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