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I will be headed to Pennsic on Saturday. Tomorrow I am working and Friday packing. Things will be kinda quiet for a few days.

40/2 Linen is backordered until the end of August. Irish lace yarn is backordered until January 1st. Mercerized cotton is a long story. The manufacturer has upped the minimum buy to 20 cones (500 g) of each color. That equates to $500 per color. Typically I sell 40 colors and three different thicknesses. That makes restocking a $60,000 proposition. As you can imagine that's not going to happen. My inventory turns are nowhere near that high. What I plan to do is buy natural colored cotton and dye it. That's still about $1500 a year. Yes we live in interesting times. I'll do my best to have something interesting to buy. I may even give Turkey red, a natural period dye a try.

Safe journeys and hopefully we'll see each other soon!

Because small businesses are so important

Date: 2 Aug 2017 02:15 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] emmne
And everyone thinks of small in the hundreds of thousands.. Most of the IRS instructions I was finding assume we'll take in 50,000 in the first year... maybe 250,000 in the first few years...because so many brand new businesses get that far...? Really?


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