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I dreamt I was setting up at Pennsic with Zada and 2 other women. Problem 1 - The tent had to be pitched on a wood lamnate floor (outside) along a concrete walkway. Were tent stakes permissable through the flooring? Problem 2 - It wasn't my tent. It belonged to another lady. It was a "barracks style" tent and no higher than 5'. I kept hitting my head. The other ladies were short. Problem 3 - The wasn't enough space to attach the upper ropes between our spot and the neighbors. It was narrow. We definitely needed the space. Problem 4 - One of the ladies was very pushy. She left no room for my things. Although it was a good layout, it did not look like my tent and no one would have found me. Problem 5 - The neighbors brought a beehive and placed it in our spot. It was little. I discovered it by accidently knocking it over while setting up. Two stings. Bees do not belong at Pennsic under some very close quarters. Problem 6 - No place to hang my hat display. They had also omitted to use several tent poles. Solution- I went home to get my tent and later a second time to get my hat hooks because I grabbed the wrong ones. Definitely frustrated. I looked at the setup. It looked like a jewelers tent, not mine. The only good thing was they all pitched in to help. Lesson - Never setup with other merchants or at least not that many. It won't look like your space.

I was so tired yesterday after working so hard that I fell asleep at 9:30 pm. That may not sound bad to you but my normal hours are much later. I slept for 11 hours. Hence the nightmare. Yesterday I washed and hung clothes outside on the line. It was 53° and pure sun, no clouds. None at all. Then I trimmed the hedge by hand. I took John for a walk down the driveway and to the corner. I trimmed the juniper bush out front. Then we headed to the library to return books. Stopped at the store and bought frozen veggies. I washed a double batch of dishes. I made dinner. It was a very long day.

The dieters have gotten all the salad fixings at the store. The normal display is decimated. All those with cash for good intentions got there first. Chrono made pork fried rice with leftovers for lunch. So all we needed were peas. The freezer case was pretty empty too. Picked up a frozen vegetable mix of peas, carrots, and corn for $2.50 on sale. Mixed veg and edamame were the only frozen vegetables left in the freezer case. I'm glad companies have figured out that no one likes lima beans in the mix.

I don't have any winter lettuce planted. Lettuce has a hard time in my garden. Between bad germination, slugs, voles, rabbits, etc. I have only been able to grow types of red lettuce. But even those have a hard time getting established. There are varieties that do better in winter. I'll have to look into those. Today I will check up on the arugula and the claytonia. We found Amaranth growing up the hillside and borage babies in the front yard. By adding my sprouts, I'll have salad fixings. More nutrient rich than anything you find in a store. I need to find my plastic sheeting for one of the beds. It currently has an agribon cover which is good against frost but not snow. It's suppose hit 50° but clouds are moving in. The unusual warm weather won't last. I also need to cover some swiss chard that has barely survived. The back yard, way back, has kale too, without any protection. Chrono is now allergic to brassicas so I'm the only one eating it. The celery and parsley are still doing okay without cover too. Celery was never something my parents would have ever considerd growing. Yet we used a lot of it. Wonder why?

We are still picking up coffee grounds daily. The coffee grounds are an especially welcome addition to the garden at this time of year. They warm up as they decompose. A mix of leaves and coffee grounds produce the best compost. It takes 4 months for decomposition. So grounds added in January are rich black dirt by April. I've been working in the mandala garden this week. The blueberry bed is done. The currant bed is done. The Lady's mantle bed is in progress. Leaving the rhubarb bed for next week. Hellabores will need trimming next month once they start to flower. They flower early and for a long time. I've compost piles to rake into beds too. They can wait a bit yet.

Working on new garden beds
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