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A lot of supplies for the garden are time sensitive. Many orders must be placed before February 1st in order to arrive on time for early planting. I tried to come up with a monthly list of what I need. Farming isn't cheap. I already picked up grow bags on closeout for potatoes- not nearly enough but a start. I wanted 100. I got 30. Which means I now need thirty tomato cages for the bags to support the potatoes. Domino effect.

I still need 40 more cinder blocks at $.80 each from Construction Junction. Estimate $32

Clip Light Fixtures from Ace Hardware -need 4 wide reflectors. Estimate $30
Grow Light Bulbs from Gardener's Supply -need 5 Estimate $120

Maine Potato Lady
Early Potatoes -Dark Red Norlands #5
Sweet Potato Slips 12 slips
Because of separate shipping at different times, estimated cost $50

More planting trays -Ace Hardware or order online. Ace runs behind my planting schedule. I can't always get what I want when I need it.

Seedling Start Mix -Johnny's Seeds estimate $60 for the volume I need. It must work with the soil blocker I have. Very disappointed with the mixes I was able to get in 2018. Local stores pawned off mulch as seed starter. Others had chunks of rock in them as filler. Totally ran out or didn't carry vermiculite or perlite.

Soil amendment- Trifecta from the MI Gardener would also be nice. I think seaweed may also work but is damn expensive. Garden Dreams uses seaweed and chamomile tea (to sterilize). Not sure when these must be applied. Garden Dreams uses the chamomile with the seedlings and seaweed solution as they start hardening off in April.

Goumi Bush
Gooseberry Bush
Late bearing blueberry-Elliott
2 more Ligonberries
Indiana Berry Company -https://indianaberry.com/products/1/9/Plants/Blueberries
I ordered too late last year and the plants died. I think that was in April. It was too hot when they arrived in May. Estimate $60

A spade for digging
A pitchfork for turning compost


Fruition Seeds- Indigo seed for dyeing. I may need to order sooner, depending on germination times for Indigo. http://www.fruitionseeds.com/Organic-Round-Leaf-Indigo-p/f63.htm

Companion Planting -Madder plants for dyeing. http://companionplants.com

Phipps Plant Sale $50
Assorted herbs and monarda for the bees. Mostly shopping at Always Summer Herbs

This is a stretch goal:
Class on Mushrooms $125
Wine Cap Spawn $25

Lehmann's Hardware
Pressure Cooker to prepare woodchips for mushroom spawn $45

Tomato cages and fencing structure for trellis crops - may need to setup sooner for peas and beans. Cucumbers too. Price unknown.

Irrigation valves to install into rain barrels - Need 3 Estimate $60 plus shipping
Pipes to connect rain barrels to gutter
Fabric-Tulle to cover onions and lettuce from deer. Need 14', estimate $15 from JoAnn's

Buy winter garden seed. Artic King Lettuce and Hungarian Pink Winter from Territorial Seed or Bakers Creek or Restoration Seeds or Adaptive Seeds

Hit fall sales of canning supplies for next year - Tractor Supply, Ace Hardware

The list will get longer in fall when I prepare for more permanent low tunnels for winter gardening. And I plan to update this list as I find more links.
I had amended this section with more info only to find it gone today. Most farmers will tell you that you need to spend about $2.50 per square foot. With a minimum garden size of 322 sq ft. , that's $805 and a maximum size of 2500 sq ft, $6250. I'm close to the $805 now. Do I have it to spend? No. If I actually wanted all of my yard producing, I would need additional things like a ladder, chainsaw, chipper-shredder, fencing, irrigation system, and several more fruit and nut trees. We were looking at 2 persimmons, hazelnuts, a medlar, and a Chicago Fig. The goal is still to produce 2000 lbs of food. It cannot be done with what I have. Money must be spent. Not all at once, but eventually. No one in the neighborhood even owns a chainsaw that I can borrow. Nor do we have a tool library. Pitty.


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