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I found another reflector clip light in the garage! A trip to the hardware store only yielded two lights, one with an 8' cord and one with a 16' cord. Grand total with tax, $25.42. So I will have to rotate trays for equal lighting. It's a pain but I've done it before. So five lights for six trays. Because I am one light fixture short, I only needed four bulbs. That brings lighting cost down to just under $100, with shipping. Surprisingly, one of my two year old LEDs already burned out. Where do you take LED bulbs to recycle? I think maybe when they collect old computers at the fairgrounds. We'll see.

I poked at Craislist for cinderblocks since someone bought all of the ones at Construction Junction. There had been some for free last month nearby. I wrote them. We'll see if I get a response. Other people are charging too much.

That should leave me just enough to buy the Early Dark Red Norlands at the end of the month. This comes out of my paycheck, working in the refridgerator section handing out Philly Cream Cheese dip.

I just signed up for more refridgerator duty, handing out yogurt samples to all the dieters first weekend in February, three days at different stores. That should net me some cash for February needs, like the sweet potato slips and potting soil for starting plants indoors.

Then I saw this while poking around, arches. I need arches! Maybe not this one. I would love to give my blacksmith friends some work. The catalog one is powder coated so it won't rust.
If I could actually dig a hole for posts, I would just build one. Even the communitu garden's arch was above ground. It was wood attached to rebar. The wood sat on a stepping stone to prevent rot. The rebar prevented the stone from sliding downhill as well as anchoring the arch. They used zip ties. It was too dark to get a good picture. The reason for a solid post would be to hang a gate on it. Keep the deer out.

Another cheap made in China greenhouse, but I'd still like to try it. http://www.territorialseed.com/product/Walk_In_Greenhouse

Anyway, progress is being made. Today's agenda is to wash and bleach trays. Then find dark bottles to start a few sweet potato slips. Next month, I'll be planting 250 leeks and onions.

Today's high 25° F. Low 19°. The only day of winter so far this year where it didn't get above freezing. Otherwise winter has been very mild. It's going to screw with maple syrup harvest and fruit trees. These are some of our state's biggest crops. Mild winters also screw with rhubarb. It needs a winter. There is about a quarter inch of snow on the ground. Tomorrow it'll hit 32° and by next week back into the 40s. The only thing I can think of to work around mild winters with late killing frosts, is to have a greenhouse, with heaters and artificial light. Just go for Florida crops and wait for global warming to shift our climate to match. Taint right!


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