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Today I scored a victory. Brand new cinder blocks, over-bought for a landscaping project. I got seven. There are three more but they are frozen to the ground. The lady was very nice. I can take some paving stones too. I have to wait until it thaws to get them. I told her we go to the library every week (and she's right by it!) so I'll check back on a day when its warmer. So if they are gone, it was me. Yay! Free is lovely. At the moment I have 18 out of the 52 I sketched out for the new beds. Sketching on paper could be very different than reality. At this point, more is better. Tentative design for garden beds:


The trays are sterilzed. The light fixtures have been purchased. The bulbs are on their way. Didn't get as many as I wanted but its what I can afford. I sometimes use them at shows as well. Natural light is hard to come by in some places. You cannot check color without it. Very important in choosing yarn.

Setting up a grow area

Next, to look over last year's sweet potatoes and see what I can get to grow.
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