14 Jan 2019 12:14 am
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It's one chore that takes forever. Since the computer is out of commission, the old fashioned way will do- writing everything down in a spiral notebook. Anything that is ordered on etsy gets precedence. Since I ship out linen tomorrow, that got counted tonight. With Arisia coming up, hats got inventoried too. Socks have to be counted tomorrow.

Ashville Viking Fest - Day 15 of hats

Day 16 of Hats

Day 13 Bowler

chianti flatcap

Speaking of hats, seventeen or so of my hats are going to Arisia with Strange Hour Atelier. I have a great assortment of Viking hats and Chico's (ones with a brim). What I don't have are bowlers. So tonight while we watched Gosford Park, I knit the better part of a purple bowler. It should be ready in time to go. Totally out of flatcaps. I'll have to do up some of those next month.

Repetitive strain is a serious issue in hat production. To prevent that from happening, I am trying to limit myself to 4 hats a month or one per week. Which means hats will be limited to 48-52 a year. Sadly, I can't keep up with production without injury. I can easily sell 52 hats in the course of one or two events. A custom or bespoke hat may be the easist way for you to get the hat of your dreams. Contact me if you are interested.

Sales tax must be done this week too. There is never a dull moment around here. Many shows have deadlines this month as well. Off to bed! Orders to ship on the morrow.
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