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Still going over last year's garden records. Since my computer died, I have to re-entered things into another ancient computer, configuring a new spreadsheet from scratch. Going from a Microsoft product to a MacBook. Both computers are decades old so I could also lose the second set of data too. All I want is a visual record of what came ripe when, week-by-week food totals, and totals for each crop I planted. I just finished typing in all of June. By the end of June, only 36 pounds of food had been harvested. Hopefully, July will get done tomorrow. July will take longer because more food came ripe.

What I learned so far is that my earliest 2018 harvest was claytonia. I planted it February 10th outside under the low tunnel. It was harvestable at the end of March and throughout April. We ate a lot of Claytonia salads with sorrel and lemon balm. Each year will be different, depending on weather. Since I already have Claytonia growing in the low tunnel right now, I may plant Minitina, and M√Ęche in February. Last year they didn't do well. I've a different bunch of seeds to try this year. Spinach should go in too. My regular garden, no tunnels, was started April 20th. I got a good yield of Cosmo Carrots and Daikons from that planting date.

Winter storm watch in effect right now. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully the arugula in the other tunnel survives Sunday night's single digit temperatures.


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