19 Jan 2017

ursulas_alcove: Paul Darrow at his best (severely annoyed)
Almost three am. I did chores, paid bills, got groceries, did two sessions of job training. Called the new manager who has no communication skills at all. Guess what? She didn't respond. So now I know why no one represents this company in our area. After next weekend, I think I will pass too. There are other jobs out there. I prepared yarn orders and shipped. I started on a new section of garden. Digging is hard work. My cotton arrived today. I need to figure out just how much is backordered. I sold my vertical warping mill. I almost forgot I owned one. I have so much stuff I walk past every day, I don't even see it any more. So many things! Decluttering in process. Paying the bills with the bounty.

I am excited. I splurged and got a full sunlight spectrum LED for my plants but I think having one in a ceiling fixture might not be a bad idea. Our lighting is so bad. I have SADs so bad, I just wanted to suntan under the plant lamp. I ate chocolate instead. Sigh.

Pumpkin bread got made tonight while I added items to both websites. http://www.UrsulasYarn.etsy.com and http://www.UrsulasAlcove.etsy.com Check out the new listings!

Falling behind on production for my upcoming show. Sleep. Then back to work! No rest. Must weave. Must finish bags.


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