5 Feb 2017

Good News!

5 Feb 2017 03:31 pm
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So I worked really hard. I made a lot of product. We left for the show on Friday. Got to stay in a very nice hotel for very little money. I love Martinsburg, WV. Had a nice evening with friends. Then got up at 5am to drive to the show which was still over an hour away. Pulled in and unloaded. The staff was friendly. Chronographia and I discussed logistics. The spot was only 9' by 9'. We laid out an asymmetric booth and even got both chairs in. It rocked. I had enough stuff and even had overflow to fill in holes as stuff sold. We got lots of fresh air and a break from setup for a prolonged fire drill. I can vouch that the alarm system works really well. We waited outside until the marshall did his inspection. Once the noise stopped, I went back to work.

Shawls and bags

We are still working on lighting for the booth. We got some amazing 3D printed snap-on blocks for the grid-wall. We just haven't found a clamp light that we like. Didn't matter. We took what we had. It worked. There was enough natural light too.

Better Than Bling

There were three rooms at the community center with 30 or so artists. The show started out years ago as a jewelry only event. It was because so many people are jewelers and each art show can only have so many jewelers in it. So this was a chance right before Valentines day to sell jewelry and only jewelers were invited originally. Then they opened it up to other artists, mostly in textiles. This particular area is the wealthiest county in the nation. It should be a good show, right?

Art Show Booth

In the first two hours, I met all the vendors and a lot of the staff. The art was in varying degrees of skill. Each artist felt proud to have been juried in. Displays must look good, lighting must be just so, there has to be enough volume of art to look like you are seriously producing. And it did look good. Some better than others as you would expect. Then I had a conversation with a gentleman who was quite taken aback when he found out that I was a professional artist. (Meaning that I derive my income from making art) The look on his face was one of sheer astonishment. I started asking around. Each artist had a day job. They were doing this once or twice a year to support their "hobby".

Then the overly loud Muzak started. Supposedly it was "light jazz". It was the same music that movie theaters play when reminding you to pickup popcorn and a giant soda. Then turn off your phone and enjoy the show. Eight hours of this. My husband is happy today. He can finally get a word in edge-wise. I am so horse, I can barely be heard. My voice is gone. I had to talk so loud to be heard over the music. The beat did not encourage people to browse. It was too fast. You couldn't hold a conversation long either. We gave the organizers some suggestions on what to play and how loud. We ate food we brought from home. A lot of people were jealous and wanted to know where we got it. I make meat pasties and keep them in the freezer for shows. I also had Baba Ghanoush and pita chips, carrot sticks, soda and home made cookies. I grew a lot of eggplant this year.

The organizers came around to let us know that there was a theater performance and that people would be getting out of the performance soon, so get ready for a rush of people. Yes, well, we never did figure out when the performance finished up. But the really amazing news is that almost everything you see in my pictures is still available. Email me at linda@ursulasalcove.com if you see something you like.


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