11 Apr 2017

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I moved three blackberry plants to the backyard wilderness. They are an unruly bunch. If they decide to climb the mulberry tree, it won't hurt my feelings. They are quite an eyesore and very untidy. I don't have a fence to train them to. There are still three in the front yard. We'll see how long I can tolerate them. They totally knocked down my supports to train them. I cut them way back. The backyard bunch has to cope with a walnut tree and may not survive. I won't pull the frontyard ones until I know if the backyard ones survive.

The red raspberry bush I bought last year after Gulf Wars is now four bushes. I put in supports and will let all of Middle Earth become a raspberry patch. It did not produce fruit last year. The blackberries found their way into Middle Earth as well. I hope this year's crop is good. Last year's leftovers in the freezer were turned into pancake syrup last week. Quite tasty! Middle Earth gets more sun than their previous location under the driveway mulberry. Yes, we have more than one mulberry. The mulberries were cleaned out of the freezer and turned into wine in a previous post. I have three wines in carboys at the moment, rhubarb, mulberry, and orange. They had a sale at East End Food Co-op.

Fingers crossed on the elderberry bushes. Don't know if they will flower this their second year. Also waiting for the plum to be old enough to bloom. We rescued it from Big Lots where it was dying. We had to cut it below the graft to save it; so it is no longer a Santa Rosa plum. The Asian pear is just beginning to bud. No flowers yet. I have cloth ready to cover them should they bloom too early. Frost could still be a problem.

Rhubarb reappeared where I had dug it up last year. Now there are four instead of one. I already moved two and put an additional two into a container. Five plants need a home in a hurry. I have four for a friend already in buckets. I am running out of dirt and pots. Potatoes need to go where the rhubarb is. Potatoes must go in at the end of April. Beans need to get planted shortly. I need to finish my netting for the peas. And find homes for the leeks, lovage, parsley and lettuce. More of my swale pathways got finished today. And while digging I found another rhubarb and a sunchoke. Thank goodness it rained saving me from having to water the transplants.

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