5 May 2017

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First Tray, Planted January 22nd
Seed Tray #1

February Planting

Great yield. Lots of parsley in the herb spiral and in porch pots. There are several lettuce, 3 or 4 mizuna, and 6 swiss chard. All planted in the ground April 18th. Celery went into a container. It was a replant from the store after we used the stalk up. Leeks went around the peach tree.

Second Tray, planted January 25th

Tray #2

January Planting

4 Bok Choi planted in ground on April 18th and doing well and at least one lettuce doing well. They camouflage easily. Lovage went into the ground by the hollyhocks. It started doing better the moment it hit real soil.

Third Tray, planted March 20th
Spring Planting

Tray 3

A couple of nasturtiums have been planted already. They are very leggy but are doing well. They tangled with the blue cherokee and uprooted a few. Three Shungiku have also been planted outside last week.

Fourth Tray, planted April 8th
Fourth Tray

Tray 4

Tray 5, planted due to poor germination on other trays. Good King Henry was in the frig in moist paper since end of March. We needed more tomatoes.

Documentation of seedlings

Happy Seedlings. Hope covering them at night this weekend will allow them to survive. Suppose to be 34°. We've had three salads from them so far.
Happy seedlings


The Long Island Cheese Pumpkin seed was from 2014. Poor germination. Just replanted five more from 2015 seed. The others are honey butternut which are tiny and regular butternut. Zucchini has been planted outside in a container. Just planted cucumbers so no germination yet.

Lessons Learned
Plant trays with items that grow at similar rates. Plant items that like cold weather early with companions that do too. So don't mix tomatoes (late) and swiss chard (early) in the same tray. And plant nasturtiums by themselves. They tangled in everything. Lost a mizuna and three blue cherokee tomatoes. Shungiku leaves make a great micro-green.


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