6 Sep 2017

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Well, it sure as heck has not been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon. The weather has been the main topic of concern. Although we are inland, Pittsburgh always gets hit by storms starting with the letter I. Remember Ivan? These mostly cause mudslides, flooded roadways, unrooted trees and downed power lines but nowhere near the level of destruction that the coast sees. Harvey to my mind was dangerous because it quickly grew in strength, beyond predictions and right before it hit land. Irma is already humongous. Her track appears to go straight up Florida at this point in time. And then there's Jose right behind her. A good bit of the US could get wiped out. Puerto Rico is already burdened with bankrupcy. I don't think prayers are going to be enough. Hey congress, maybe you shouldn't cut science programs that predict the weather. Just sayin.

I have kin in Florida. I wrote my cousin and offered her family refuge should she need it. Her area isn't under evacuation yet but you never know. Sure it will be disruptive, but it beats living in a shelter. If you have kids, make sure to packs the kids immunization records in case they need to register for school in a new location. What you pack in a bugout bag is highly dependent on the situation. I think Harvey has taught us more than a few lessons. Price gouging is one of them. Gas is going to be scarce. Having extra cash on hand is a good idea. Consider it bribe money to help you safely exit an area.

That all said, for ourselves, we are not very well prepared. The cars need work. We have no cash on hand. Why would we need to bugout? If the electric grid fails, we have a nuclear power plant as well as chemical plants that could blow. Just like Arkema in Houston, Shell has some nasty chemical plants in Beaver. There are also coke plants that can take up to three months to shutdown safely. All the dangerous places are right near the airport. What were they thinking? If you want to be really scared this Halloween, look up EMP (electro magnetic pulse) and what it could do to our infastructure. Scary.

Tomorrow I intend to remedy one problem. The van is going in for work. While I can't afford all the work it needs, I am going to see what it will cost. Poco e poco, little by little. I have a show in Virginia, Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest, coming up in 16 days. Hopefully the van will be ready. Also, hopefully Jose won't hit Virginia. And just maybe I can get the bent wheel rim replaced on the van. Fingers crossed. Then I'll worry about the rest. Stay safe America. We don't need another Katrina, missing Florida and hitting New Orleans. But at the same time, I'm sure Florida doesn't want it either. Meanwhile, there are two beds and a bathroom in my basement, in case my kin do need to move in. Florida is a big state to have to evacuate. The word bottleneck comes to mind. Stay safe and plan ahead.


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