8 Sep 2017

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I started doing some energy research. My thought was to get rid of the big fridge and replace it with something more energy efficient. An under-the-counter model could be housed in place of the broken dishwasher. So I went to the nearest appliance center. I picked up a booklet right before they closed. After reading it thoroughly, I found one energy star model and another than runs on DC, which means solar PV and a battery could run it without an inverter. The idea was that my energy savings could pay for the unit. So today we went in to look these things over in person.

Our host was courteous and took us seriously. That was a good start. The models I originally picked out were no longer available. Okay. A comparable model would run $2085 with a stainless door fascia and handle being an extra $380. If we buy by tomorrow at 4 pm, they will pay the sales tax. Yes, you got it, a glorified dorm fridge is $2500. Our host felt a fridge this size would need to be replaced every three years. The bigger units are built for longevity, ie 10 yrs. The small ones are not. When informed we had a twenty year old fridge, he did a bit of a double-take. Our current GE is actually 25 yrs old. He asked if it was a frost-free type. When I said yes, he shut up. He brought us spec sheets on the Sub-Zero model. Mostly, I was interested in the kwh that the fridge uses. It gives me a direct comparison to my existing fridge, which is currently hooked up to an energy meter. The mini fridge was rated at 406 kwh. How to compare -http://ths.gardenweb.com/discussions/2335024/energy-savings-of-new-refigerator-vs-10-year-old-model

I looked up our existing fridge. In its current iteration/model, it runs for $521 at Lowes. It was the most energy efficient fridge you could buy in 1991. It's current energy rating is 382 kwh, more efficient than the high end dorm fridge at 406 kwh. https://www.lowes.com/pd/GE-15-5-cu-ft-Top-Freezer-Refrigerator-White/50260073?cm_mmc=SCE_BINGPLA_ONLY-_-Appliances-_-SosRefrigeration-_-50260073:GE&CAWELAID=&kpid=50260073&CAGPSPN=pla{ifdyn:dyn}&k_clickID=c42e629b-d682-4449-8e5b-1c9d4fa8bcad

Well, I kinda expected the store was high end and catered to the new subdivisions. There is another appliance store that carries a brand called Monogram. They have a nicer model. The produce drawer is bigger. Yes, still high end, about $1700. http://appliances.monogram.com/us/specs/ZIFS240HSS

We also looked over a propane fridge at Lehman's. It costs extra for venting. Can you imagine an unvented burner indoors in winter? Can you say carbon monoxide? It is in the same price range as these high end fridges, roughly $1200 and another $400 for a vent. Vents are required in Canada but not here. Still not satisfied with anything I've seen so far. Sadly, I have not found a DC fridge to run off solar batteries. They do make them. But I want to actually see them. I don't trust pictures. You can't judge workmanship. I haven't even asked where these refridgerators are made. So no solutions, but I have learned a lot. Models older than ten years, savings could range from $50 a year to $200. You can count on $50 for sure based on technology changes in 2007 but measure yours to be more accurate. Also those $38 a year energy cost on the energy tag can be based on diffent numbers. The fridge at the local appliance store assumed 8.8¢ a kwh. The one at Lowes was based on 12¢ a kwh. So no comparison. Sigh.

More bad news. The PA government has not reached a budget argreement with the govenor. Tom Wolf refused to sign the budget because its not balanced. He couldn't veto because they had enough votes to overturn his veto. So it went into effect without signature. The senate is concocting a way to tax fracking but loosen environmental controls. This has accomplished the lowering of the S & P bond status, caused the government to borrow money to keep running, and will hurt Penn State, Temple and Pitt Universities. Part of the state economic plan is to hike my tax on electric and gas this winter. Helluva way to run a railroad. As for my Senior Property Tax Relief, paid for by the PA lottery, kiss it goodbye. Yes, I learned a lot today. Just remember this state is overwhelmingly liberal but the minority figured out how to gerrymander here first. I'm fed up with both sides. Natural gas has all of them in its pocket. #disgusted


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