8 Jan 2018

ursulas_alcove: robin hood woodcut (boredom)
I could not find my notes on how I cut my Finnish garb. It's a complete rectangle, every part used. The side gores go all the way from the hem to the wrist. So I modified the cut, halfway Norse, halfway Finnish. Yes, there are leftovers. There aren't suppose to be. So my neckline will be Norse and the gussets Finnish. I'm cheating and putting in pockets. Now I will have to make cardwoven trim to match. I think I'll go all out and dye linen with indigo. Do some white and blue linen cardwoven trim. I like the way the men's tunic turned out on this website with the cardwoven edge. http://www.hurstwic.org/history/articles/daily_living/text/clothing.htm

Part of Sewing Sunday’s-started burgundy underdress for new Viking garb

Today, I measured myself, ironed fabric, cut fabric, and zig-zagged stitched all the edges. Next time, I will pin and assemble. I still need to cut pockets.

Tonight we are ice dyeing. Tomorrow is a snowstorm. Later in the week, it will be over 56°! Weird. I have so much winter work to do in the yard. Trees need trimming. The low tunnel needs a ridge pole to support snow load. The other broken windows in the casement window need to be removed with the heat gun. But I have to work this week, demonstrating yogurt at the grocery store to all the dieters. Too much going on.

Ice dyeing


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