4 Feb 2018

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Just finished tallying some numbers. We grew 68 different crops, more were planted but because of dry fall weather, many didn't sprout or were stunted or their growth delayed. The pumpkins were just planted too late. They froze out before the fruit was anywhere near ripe.


Rhubarb 7 lbs
Carrots 5 lbs
Lettuce 1 lbs
Strawberries 2.5 lbs
Swiss Chard 6.2 lbs
Black raspberries 3 lbs
Mulberries 10 lbs
Garlic 3.3 lbs
Parsley .5 lbs
Purple Beans 1.8 lbs
Potato Onions 6 lbs
German Butterball Potaotoes 2.5 lbs
Blue Cherokee Tomatoes 36 lbs
Yard Long Beans 3 lbs
Cherry Tomatoes 7.3 lbs
Cucumbers 1.8 lbs
Potato leafed Tomatoes 15.4 lbs
Blue Potatoes 4 lbs
Red Cloud Potatoes 9.6 lbs
Honey Butternut 9.8 lbs
French Fingerling Potatoes 18.9 lbs
Random large Red Tomatoes 11.4 lbs
Butternut Squash 19.7 lbs
Parsnips 2.5 lbs
Acorn Squash 4.4 lbs
Black Plum Tomatoes 4.5 lbs
Sweet Potatoes 4.5 lbs

In total, 215 pounds of produce. Just a drop in the bucket. On average, an adult eats 5 pounds of food a day. No where near meeting our needs. The winter garden needed to be started at the beginning of July. I didn't know that so we don't have one. I do have a bed of carrots which may be harvestable in March. They were the size of my pinky when the cold weather hit. They have a small hoop and cover to survive the bitter cold we got this year. I have another cool weather garden surrounded by straw bales. That might be ready in April/May? I have no idea what is growing other than 12 carrots and a parsley plant. I planted a lot but as to what survived? I don't know. Hoping the leeks made it as well as the scallions. The beets didn't do well. Time will tell.


ursulas_alcove: 19th century engraving of a woman using a drop spindle (Default)

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