11 Feb 2018

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I know there is a lot to be upset about any given day of the week. The news can drive you mad or even suicidal. But climate change has been haunting my dreams lately.

Sometimes, there is a drive along a shore line. The road is icy at first. I've driven this road many times before. It's a familiar drive. Going carefully, I experience no trouble. The water slowly gets closer to the road as I travel. No more ice. I am now driving on several inches of water as the shore and road is swallowed by water. Waves threaten to sweep me away. No way to turn around. I wakened in a cold sweat, breathing hard. I've had this dream before. I expect I'll have it again.

Another night: I am in a great big New England house. I've just been relocated here with others. The house is three miles from shore. I am working with another person to plant the biggest food garden we can. Food may become scarce and our lives depend on this. Still, we make big berms in front of the wire-fenced-in yard to keep water from flooding the garden. The weather is pleasant as we work, the soil loose and rich.

Still another dream: I am living in a movie theater. Many families are here as climate refugees. To prevent theft during the day, we cover our meager belongings with blankets or old quilts. We feel fortunate. Our theater is not as crowded as some of the others and we have pre-packaged ready-to-eat food. You should try sleeping in a movie theater seat. Not very comfortable.

For the record, I have no TV nor do I listen to news on the radio so current events do not necessarily plague me. However, when I see two different storms merge on the weather app radar, it scares the willies out of me. Maybe I'm just suffering post-Sandy traumatic stress.


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