13 Feb 2018

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Start by saying it was a rough couple of days. Hubby made mistakes taking his pills and over medicated. Planting happened but food did not. Chrono's designs went viral and nine orders had to ship. So by 2 pm, Chrono is making John's lunch while I am doing customer service online. I had an emergency gift to ship for someone who is a repeat customer so that had to get prepared and go out today. I got laundry hung but really didn't have food all day. Chrono missed her print lab to get orders shipped but we didn't get to eat. We have to go to the post office, pickup coffee grounds, and have an hour drive to get to this funding seminar. It was not where they originally posted that it would be. Good thing I checked. There was a hockey game in town and a real mess on the highway. Gave up on food, but picked up a snack at Starbucks. Post office went smooth. Only one person tried to kill me at Starbucks. Never get between a caffeine deprived person and their fix! We got to the place for this seminar just a little late. Absolutely no parking and Siri screwed up on the directions. So we drove around a bit.

Add to that our brains are adled from no food. It's six pm and I've eaten two or three cookies since I woke up, 12 hours ago. I started out with yogurt but the cat tricked me into setting my bowl down and poof! Gone. We were then out of yogurt. Also put myself up for more of Verizon's lies which just added stress to the whole day.

Getting ready for growing things

Verizon Story: In Sept, I canceled the new service I'd ordered. They said just return the modem with the prepaid ticket inside the box. But there is no ticket, so please send me one. "Sure thing. You'll get it in about a week's time." We did this lie for six weeks straight. Then the collection agency started to hound me to pay $70 for a $40 modem. So I asked Verizon for a shipping address since they can't do something simple like send out a UPS label. So I pay just over $10 to return the modem. The UPS lady said Do Not throw this away. Verizon is doing this to many people! We hear your story every day. I call back in November to make sure the modem arrived at Verizon. They said, yes, by the November 23rd statement it should show a zero balance. Another lie. I heard nothing beccause that fell on Thanksgiving. But no more notices from the collection agency or Verizon. This week a different collection agency called and followed up with a bill. I have thirty days to dispute the charges in writing. So I called Verizon again. "I'm having difficulty finding your account. Do you have the tracking number?" Why, yes I do. "Okay, I'll zero out the account right now. I'm sorry that this wasn't done by the previous employee you spoke with. I'll send you a confirmation by email." No you bitch, you didn't. You lied too. This has got to be an account racket like Wells Fargo. Got to be. Have to call Verizon again tomorrow and will follow through with writing the collection agaency. Never, ever use Verizon.

Back to the Farm Funding event. We arrive at a hall used for wedding parties. There are tables all around the room full of agencies. The lighting is wonkey and making me dizzy. It's like an allergic reaction. There is no program. Each agency comes up to the mike and introduces themselves. There is food. It contains an airborne allergen that will send Chronographia into anaphylactic shock. Great. Bye Chrono, sorry you can't stay. I'll text when I'm done here. I am not trusting the food because likewise I have no healthcare and do have other allergies. Also there are no places to sit and eat. And it smelled bad, not appealing in any way. I stagger to the bar so the room doesn't tip over. I take notes on each agency. I make it to a few tables, pickup swag and sign up for mailing lists. No, I'm not supplying food to a food desert nor am I a non-profit. No, I don't have an existing farm business. No, I am not with a school or community garden. No, guaranteed I won't qualify for your loan. No, I'm not looking to buy land. Can you help me find a grant? No, but we can crowd source a loan for you. There was a lawyer who could register my business as an LLC. Can't afford her. No one had any info on farm liability insurance. I found a guy to test my soil for free for lead. And the USDA doesn't regulate farms but has some loan programs that date back to the dust bowl years. Apparently the PA Dept of Agriculture does the regulating. But they weren't there. Yes, I probably have to meet food safety standards. No one to say what kind of inspections that would entail. Yes, I'd have been better off staying home. Chrono got an hour in at her lab because the event was nearby. Then we went and got dinner at a place we could afford that has great food. Helluva way to run a railroad. So now I'm terrified that I was exposed to the flu, having shaken so many hands. Without having eaten, its highly likely I'd catch it. If Hubby then gets it, he could die. A temperature will send him into seizures. And hospitals have pneumonia. Nor could we afford anymore bills. At this point, I'm vexed. And I am still confused by Verizon. If you couldn't find my account, how can you zero it out?

Planting Time


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