15 Feb 2018

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Theoretically the account is settled. Only billing can actually make changes to an account. Customer service cannot. Customer service never connected me with billing before. The automated system will never connect you to billing if you type in your account number. Pretend you don't know it and you will finally get the option for billing. I now have a letter stating I owe Verizon $0. They withdrew my file from collections. I have to wait two to three days before the automated system will say I owe them nothing. And I will check!

Tomorrow, I get to call another agency, a doctor's billing service. They lost my check and I sent a replacement out. After several months, they finally cashed both checks today. So I am owed a refund. Grrr! I hate accounting. Then I get to do my own accounting. One company I worked for didn't send out a 1099 for taxes. Nor do I have a mortage interest statement from my mortgage company. I need to get taxes done this month. It costs more the closer you get to April 15th.

Meanwhile, I am hitting this flu with everything in my herbal arsenal. I did yarrow tea, elderberry tea, echineaeca drops in my water, chicken soup from scratch, and licorice supplements. Sweated out a lot of it. No fever. Headache and swollen sinuses, sore muscles, no coughing or runny nose so that was good. But a very quick visit to the bathroom. Avoiding wheat and sugar. Kinda foggy, but I spent the day picking fleece.

Superbugs resistant to antibiotics are on the rise. The Grow Network has more info https://thegrownetwork.com/antibiotic-resistance/ But the good news is there are many things that can help you if you don't want to or can't see a doctor. I can't afford healthcare so I have no choice and found this very helpful. https://thegrownetwork.com/natural-antibiotic-alternatives/

Planting store bought celery ends

Briefly played in the rain. I raked some leaves to add to the bookcase garden. I also started adding coffee grounds to the aweful mess the gas company left on my curb. They threw loose asphalt down this week to help with the horrible patch job on the road. It was all over my plants and sidewalk. I picked it out and put it back in the road. Come spring they should do a complete repair. Meanwhile, I put some succulents down as ground cover where there used to be grass. I do not want more grass to grow. I hate mowing. The succulents do a great job at weed suppression. They spread and I have so many! Hopefully they'll take before the gas company comes through. 60° F and raining in February. No wonder so many gardeners are planting way too early!

Got a lot to do this week and need my sleep.


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