27 Feb 2018

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It's been a bumpy week. With huge quantities of rain, the roads are in shambles. 6" to 8" deep ruts are the new normal. I won't drive after dark because you can't see the potholes. Just when you think you have the obstacle course memorized, a new heavy rain washes out more roadway. We don't live on a flat. Roads go in between hills and take a beating. The patch crews cannot keep up. Some of the patch jobs just wash away after the next heavy rain. PA requires state vehicle inspections. I knew I had lost part of my muffler assembly pipe, but a broken ball joint? In the last year, I've replaced six tires, gotten a bent wheel rim remachined, and new shock absorbers. Somebody please spend money on the roadways!

It was also a rough week. More losses in the family. Over the last two years, my Aunt Joyce has lost her closest sister (my mother), her oldest daughter, my cousin Connie, to throat cancer, and this week she lost her middle child, Patty. Patty was only 63. She went in for her first chemo treatment and had four heart attacks while there. The hospital must have been running a special, four for the price of one. Aunt Joyce is the only surviving sibling out of my Grandma's seven kids. We were not that close since that branch of the family moved to Florida in the mid-1960s. More devastating was the lose of our parrot who has been our constant companion for the last 30 years. And we also discovered my husband is now allergic to broccoli. He never was before. You don't want to know what I had to do.

Thirty years came and went in the blink of an eye. Good bye, my constant companion

Because my husband landed in the hospital with seizures last year, we had contacted the PA Center on Aging to set up Durable Power of Attorney. With seizures, the patient has no recollection of anything the has happened for days or weeks. It took 6 months to get an appointment. We went in today. The attorney is also setting up wills for us both. She took our info today and will call us for signing once they are ready. This service is free of charge to seniors. Even though I am not considered a senior, they did it as part of my husband's package. Fortunately, it was lovely today, sunny and in the mid-fifties. My friend Loren was not so lucky. She lost her husband two weeks ago. Karl passed away way too young. He had no will. She has to go through probate now. She is currently liquidating everything. She owns her own business but its not enough to pay the mortgage. It really sucks. If you have been to Pennsic, you would know her as my booth mate, Costumes By Loren.

So you can't blame me if I engage in a little dirt therapy. Working on planting things in low tunnels and cold frames as well as grow trays. I am also working on dyeing as much linen thread and yarn as physically possible in a week's time for Gulf Wars. Gotta go check the propane stove outside now. Although it was 56° today, it is much, much colder now.

Very Early Spring


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