7 Mar 2018

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Evelyn the Eurovan has been in the shop well over a week. Her muffler pipe fell off at SVFF last September. In addition, a new portal to hell opened on US Route 19. Without warning I hit several huge holes. It was night so difficult to see the holes coming. So I ripped up two front tires and broke a ball joint. The boot is also torn up. It holds the grease for the ball joint. Then it gets weird.

I brought her in for state inspection. It was due at the end of February. I dropped her off on Monday, at closing because Chronographia had just come back from Convocation. No ride home otherwise. The muffler came in after a couple of days but the assembly was damaged and easier to take down the road to a machine shop than to reorder. In remachining it, they blew the electric for the entire block, affecting both shops. No work could be done until the power company came out. Muffler finally on and set by Friday. While installing, they found tire damage. The inside edge was all tore up. Okay, we'll have two new tires delivered Monday. Monday comes and Monday goes. I'm waiting for funds from etsy to cover some of this. They enter my bank account on Tuesdays. So I call on Tuesday. The tires that came in were the wrong size. I explain about Gulf Wars and that I need to be in MS by 6 pm on Friday. So as I wrapped up my packing, I head over to the shop, twenty miles away and decide I'm going to wait there to make a point. They had it done shortly after I arrived.

The cost was high. Not fun, but I borrowed from several accounts to make ends meet. Two more etsy sales really helped. Fortunately they paid with Paypal. Paypal puts money into my account 24 hours sooner. So with Evie happy, I head to Firestone for my lifetime wheel alignment. That's when I find out about this boot. It's cracked. To replace it will cost another $350 bucks. Ouch. Well, since it would take them three days to get parts, that is not happening until I get back. They went over things to pay attention to in case it totally fails. Watch for grease on brake so right brake will slip. Also listen for clicking, meaning the ball joint has no grease. Get in right away if that happens. Yes'm. Will do! I know every repair place between here and GW.

There was the time I arrived with no front brakes. And the time the alternator went out. And the time the road washed out in KY. Also the time my shocks destroyed two tires. So yay to Huntsville, AL, Franklin, TN, and Louisville, KY for their great mechanics!

Safe journeys my friends! See you soon.


ursulas_alcove: 19th century engraving of a woman using a drop spindle (Default)

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