19 Mar 2018

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Planting on the new moon

I started my first day back with an experiment. I have Purple Cherokee heirloom tomato seed that a lovely reader sent me. It may have been in 2015. The first year they did not grow well here. I tried again another year. Last year they did really well. But I left the seed to soak over winter outside. Never got around to straining the water off and drying the seed. I don't know if its viable. The water was anaerobic. So I am planting one biodegradable container (multiple seeds) of the original 2015 seed, one of 2017 seed which looked a little moldy, and one of 2018 swamp water seed which I just brought into the house. They all get compost, organic potting soil and worm castings. I have the containers marked. We'll see what we get.

Time to transplant these seedlings

Started the long task of transplanting last month's seedlings into bigger pots. The celery has a good yield. Nine out of ten germinated. This is Utah Celery from the MI Gardener. Doesn't look anything like the store bought stuff, which I also replanted after using. The fungus gnats have shown up again. Going to have to find a fan to protect my babies. The onions are susceptible. I also have vermiculite on top to protect them. Supposedly the gnats don't like or are cut by vermiculite. Personal opinion, only cold temps kill those buggers.

Utah Celery repotted

Planting store bought celery ends

Hoping to start on fiber pursuits tomorrow. So many ideas to try!


We looked over the seedlings very carefully. It now appears that I transplanted collards, not celery. The celery is just starting to get its true leaves. They are the correct shape for celery. So looks like 9 out of ten collards, also from the MI Gardener. I'll wait until the celery gets bigger before transplanting. I picked up soil today for more containers. I need to do close to 80 pots. The ice storm will render the compost pile useless for a few days.

A great article on seed starting https://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/gardening-techniques/starting-seeds-indoors-zm0z12djzsor


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