25 Apr 2018

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Make hay while the sun shines. The week started off sunny and warm. Sunflowers popped up everywhere around the front yard. It's time. Planting has begun! I put in 48 fingerling potatoes, and an assortment of turnips, spinach, radishes, and carrots. The big plants that reseeded have been found all over the garden, collected, and replanted into a back border, based on height. There are hollyhocks, sunflowers, skirret, and amaranth. Also in the back is a lovage plant and a valerian which are perennials. Tulips line the path with sedum providing a bright green backdrop. Along the front, crabgrass has taken over. One more thing on the todo list. That will take a couple of weeks so warmer weather plants, like eggplant will go in there.

Feel free to take a short tour: https://youtu.be/53bWHNXXjSM

Scarlet runner beans will go along the back trellis with malabar spinach on each post along the driveway. Purple bush beans will grow in between the posts. Cucumbers were planted on the mandela trellis, finishing off the SE quadrant. SE has those cukes, garlic, beets, rhubarb and coral bells. Renegade radishes will be popping up all over from last year. I tossed a handful of carrot seed into a bare section amongst the blueberries, where I moved strawberries out into cinder blocks. The SW section gets planted next once the rain stops. I have potato onions to plant amongst the currants and lavender.

The early starts are still hardening off. Moving nine trays in and out is a pain. Tomorrow night it'll go down into the thirties again. Thinking my collards and assorted kale should go into the NE quadrant as well as the SW. An etsy order allowed me to pickup 2 ligonberries and a late season blueberry. (My patrons rock!) Blueberries live nearest the pine tree in the NW quadrant. Ligonberries work well with blueberries. Fingers crossed that they take to their new soil. I haven't tested the pH there in a while. They like it acidic.

The cinder block garden got more potatoes and peas. The plastic cover on the straw bale garden has been peeled back to let the rain in. A new garden at the edge of the stone steps needs to be dug. It's hard packed clay. I'm thinking sweet potatoes. If water pools because its at the bottom of a hill, the sweet potatoes can handle it. They don't mind wet feet. So many ideas, so little time.

The Ashville Viking Festival is this weekend. So much winding of yarn and packing to do. Tags, weaving, warping, socks sorting, and loading. It'll be a while before I'm back online. I suppose the pre-event panic will be upon me shortly, but for now, I will weave and then rest. I finished warping some card weaving this morning. Lots got woven while I watched the DVDs from the library. Got to check out Merlin from 1998. Well done! Thoroughly enjoyable version. Hope to see you all at an event real soon. You can tell me if you think magic swords from mysterious women living in lakes might not be a bad way of choosing our leaders. Til then, sleep well!


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