3 May 2018

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Over the last week, I got half the window box planted with 3 cabbage and some ground cherries. Obviously nothing is up yet. So pictures as things develop.

The cinder block garden has blooming strawberries. Potatoes have not yet come up. Nor have the peas. I planted watermelon but have my doubts on the viability of the seeds.
Potatoes, peas and strawberries

I dug a new bed for sweet potatoes and black beans. The parsnips are leftover from last year, leaving them to go to seed. Heavy clay made this a tough job.
The new garden bed

Yesterday I tried my hand at sewing some grow bags out of blue jeans. They are lined with undyed wool scraps from carding. I put some blue potatoes in each, four in one bag and three in the other.
Blue bags for blue potatoes

I also put in all the potato onions this week. They went into the currant bed. I made a circle around the perimeter. Maybe I'll plant chard inside. Onions are a good deer deterent.

The seedlings are outside hardening off. I had to dig out some purple daisies that are spreading like weeds. I still have crab grass to remove too. Waiting for some much needed rain to soften the ground. This whole area needs to be planted after weeding.
Before weeding the crab grass

Losses: The deer ate all the Asian pear blossums so no fruit this year. They also got some of the radishes in the front along the fence. The plum tree got hit with frost. The peach tree snapped in half with rot. Plum:
The plum tree

Pluses: The goumi is doing well as are the blueberries. The elderberry I thought dead is coming back from the roots. The squirrels planted another peach or nectarine in my herb spiral. Not sure why they like to dig so much in there. Pulling walnuts left and right. The bees are happy. Blueberries:
Blueberries in Bloom

New black currant planted in 2017 is blooming too.
Black Currants

On the to do list:
Adding in some new fruit bushes. I have another variety of blueberry coming in. We are trying to get later harvest times on a blueberry. If we can find one that matures at the same time as the sunflowers, the birds will leave it alone. Also broke down and ordered some ligonberries and another black currant. Tomato beds need to be prepped. I'm designing cages that double as a temporary fence to keep the deer out. Now to work on the etsy site to pay for it. Need to prepare the three sisters garden too.

So far we are harvesting arugula, spinach, red lettuce, and claytonia from the winter garden for salads. I chopped and froze a pound of rhubarb. Not much, but it's a start. More once we get rain. The rhubarb bed has garlic, beets, and cucumbers planted in it. The coral bells make it attractive and draw pollinators. There are also random radishes that reseeded.

Next up to harvest, carrots from last year.
Carrots are almost ready

Meanwhile, I must get Chronographia off to Spoutwood and learn to work a Keurig machine for a job this Saturday. Busy as ever. Hope you all have a good weekend!


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