16 May 2018

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I survived work on Saturday. Exhaustion always hits me hard the next couple of days, partly from dehydration and the rest from standing still on concrete for 6 hours straight. Fluorescent lights and I also don't get along. At least no migraine this week from the overdeal. The paycheck was nice.

Storms have been on and off almost everyday since then. I was able to get at some of the crabgrass. I weeded the cinderblock bed, cut back weeds in the Kuiper belt, transplanted some of the seedlings, and replanted areas that have large holes where seeds did not germinate. I am tallying up a report card for each of the seed companies I bought from. So far it looks like the most expensive seed company has the poorest germination. All the seeds I picked up were organic or heirloom. I've had the best luck with the MIGardener's seeds. But very angry I only got one cucumber plant from an entire package of seeds.

Poor Germination - These black beans yielded 2 plants out of 27
Only 2 beans out of 27? Ouch.

Crab grass removal
Crab grass removal in progress

More weeding- cinder blocks
Looks like someone rearranged these potatoes while my back was turned

Kuiper Belt
Weeding complete

I signed up for The Grow Network's Home Grown Food/Medicine Summit, http://thegrownetwork.pages.ontraport.net/home-medicine-summit-2018-registration
So far, I've learned a lot. I've also gotten ideas for unusual planting beds. Instead of using a fire ring to plant in, I have a bottomless (rusted out) giant canning kettle which I'd been using as a fire ring. I also have an old latticework piece from a renfaire. I cut the top off a busted kitchen garbage can, drilled holes in the bottom, and voila, container gardening. I'm told Home Depot, Lowes recycle garden containers. It's possible they may have some for free. Walmart gives away icing buckets too.

New garden - using wasted space

Another speaker went into which Curcurbits can be planted next to each other and which cannot. This only matters if you are saving seed. My problem is that I manage three varieties in the same family, butternut, honey butternut and Long Island Cheese pumpkin. I want to grow zucchini which is in the same family as paddypans. So I am getting creative on planting these guys. I set up my lattice along side the house and moved my crispy melons there along with the honeynut squash. I may add the zucchini or a paddy-pan in another container.

The blue jean planters are doing well. Potatoes have come up in the first two. I have nine more in the works. Potatoes are giving me the most grief. I'm trying to rotate crop locations. Tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant are all in the same family, the nightshade family. I don't think there is anywhere in the garden that hasn't had a nightshade in it.

Potato bags are looking good!

To do yet:
1. Weed front yard garden.
2. Plant all my seed potatoes in grow bags and front yard. Oh, and finish grow bags.
3. Find homes for my starts.

Weeding - Front yard garden
More weeding to do

- Kuiper Belt
Weeding still to be done

Trans/Plant seedlings
My homeless plants

From Phipps Plant Sale
My homeless plants

I guarantee there will be no empty spots anywhere. Most of the plant sale plants are herbs and will go into the herb spiral. Then I get to move on to making tomato cages, clearing the garage garden/winter garden to make room for corn. Did I mention, I am harvesting too? Salad fixings and rhubarb, as well as our rogue radishes. So much to do! Plus I'm working again this weekend. Great Lakes Fiber is the week after that! Way too much to do.


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