6 Jul 2018

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No more excuses. Time to get things done. Last night was still hot and muggy in the house. It was raining outside. The windows had to be closed. I couldn't sleep. So I am a bit groggy today. But it was time to start canning. After all the windows were opened, beautiful cool breezes flowed in. I set about learning how to can peaches. We picked up a lovely box of Georgia peaches. They taste much better cooked than fresh. Peach cobbler is a delight but requires a functioning oven. Another thing to do with peaches is to make a fruit leather. Also not happening. The food dehydrator died a long time ago. So basic canning in a light syrup is what I started with. The canning books spell it sirrup. Is there a difference? Think tomorrow I'll try making peach butter.

Canning Peaches

After a week of over 95° F highs, some sections of the garden were looking pretty poor. There were several potato vines that were just a stick with no leaves coming out of the ground. Prior to the heat, we had record rainfall. Hard to say what bothered them more. I dug one up to just to see this sad state of affairs. A one inch potato greeted me. Not ready yet. Today I went out to look. Some of the sticks are starting to regrow. Yay! I guess I should sing to them for encouragement. The purple beans are going into full swing. Having some for dinner tonight with macroni and cheese. Gotta dig up the rest of the garlic this week. The plan is to plant carrots where the garlic had been. Right before the rain, turnips, chard, kohlrabi and lettuce went in to the section we call the San Pellegrino garden. It's lined with SP bottles. Cosmo carrots and daikon radishes had been growing there. Those are harvested and safe in my fridge. I also put the very sad looking eggplant seedling into the ground. I doubt it will survive, but its getting a chance.

Cucumbers in shade, doing well
Cucumber trellis

The Secret Garden
Beans are climbing

Future Corn
Pride corn and pumpkins

The Cinderblock Garden
Cinderblock garden

I guess I should not have been so hard on the expensive seed companies. First, with heirloom seeds, I will never have to buy another package of them again. I can save the seeds. Second, and probably my real problem, seeds require a certain temperature in order to germinate. Mother Earth News has the skinny on it. https://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/starting-seeds-hot-weather-zbcz1806?newsletter=1&spot=headline&utm_source=wcemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MEN%20GFSS%20eNews%2007.06.18&utm_term=MEN_GFSS_eNewsAll%20Subscribers&_wcsid=3408B28AF54CD3F0730388403F0A09BD22417B9CFF8D7E3F Meanwhile, I will try to inter library loan the book they recommend. Since it's time to start fall seedlings, it will help. Beets, kohlrabi, cabbage (?), bok choi, chard, cauliflower can all be started June 25th if your first frost is Oct 15th. In theory, ours is a week later than that. Carrots, kale, parsley, and endives can be planted July 9th. Lettuce, up to July 23rd. Mizuna and peas by July 30th. Mache and Claytonia by August 27th. Radicchio by October 7th. Nice of them to give me time off for Pennsic. Arugula and Spinach should probably get planted at the end of August. Fruition seeds just put out a lovely guide https://www.myfruitionseeds.com/blog/5-seeds-to-succession-sow-in-early-july I also want to get some red-veined sorrel planted too. It's a perennial.

And some great news for a change. After my cousin Judy passed away this week, her nephew, my first cousin once removed, decided to buy a bunch of "23 and Me" gene sequencing kits. The catch is he wants the results to be public for matches in the database so we can locate other relatives as well as for scientific research which I support. He is going to send me one! (Insert video of me jumping up and down) we have an excellent history of the paternal side, thanks to the Moravian church. But no data on the maternal side. My grandmother's mother was Pomeranian. (No, not the dog.) The data does work because we were able to locate another relative on the Paternal side. I can't wait to see how this goes.


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