17 Jul 2018

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Now is the time where everythings seems to pop in the garden. We harvest everyday or every other. The garlic just finished up. Around Midsummer's, I harvested the soft necked variety. The German hardneck had scapes, which can also be eaten. They don't sit well with me so we just composted them. Then I had to wait a couple weeks to harvest the bulbs. As I took those out of the ground, I noticed those ground hornets again. Fortunately, the garlic has 3 foot long stems so no issues. I just yanked each garlic out carefully. The butternut squash will spread to cover the ground so there really won't be any weeds.

Earlier in the year-scapes
My front yard (1 of 3)

Nearby, the savory bush got smushed. A ground hog has been sleeping there. He/she is also responsible for us losing half the santolina bush as well as flattening a hellabore. So far, the only thing visibly munched are the onions and the clematis vine.

After harvest
Summer Flowers

It's been warm and sticky. All the rain has gone north or south of us. Yesterday's rain hit the next township but it was still warm and dry here. It's taking a lot more water to keep this garden going. The zucchini are producing well. I fried one for lunch today with yogurt as a dip. The cucumbers are producing well. Not enough to can pickles though, just making refrigerator pickles. We had fresh beans as a vegetable last night. I found a head of butterscrunch lettuce that reseeded from last year. Tonight there will be spagetti with freshly picked basil, oregano, garlic chives and garlic from the soft neck variety. The hard neck is still curing. I am looking at making raspberry jelly once it cools down a bit. Yesterday I baked bread. Still need to bottle last year's wine. I need to clone myself soon. Too much work for one person.

Potato Flowers

The potatoes will be another month I think. I dug up some that I didn't plant. Fingerlings were tucked deep into the clay in the mandala. They flowered already. I got about 2 little potatoes per vine, so not much. Either they are buried pretty good and will come up again next year, or, they just don't produce well in that shady bed. I gave it some more compost. Other potato beds seem to prosper better in partial shade. Full sun is like having a Martian heat ray aimed at you. I am going to have to think about shade covers for some areas.

Cinderblock garden


Yard long beans are starting in the secret garden too. More on that later.

Preparation for Pennsic continues at a frantic pace. Sales tax is due later this week in three different states, so never a dull moment around here! Tomorrow is an accounting day.


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