29 Jul 2018

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Otherwise known as seed saving. We always allow a small amount of our plants to go to seed. Carrots look like queen anne's lace in bloom. Although our variety of carrot grows five feet tall. I think QAL is only about 2 ft high. We've grown Danvers, Botanical Interest Caliope, and Sheltering Woods Dragon carrot. I don't care if they've crossed. I care that they like our climate and soil. So we get a mix of white, purple, and orange carrots.

Seed Saving Carrots

Carrot Seed Storing

We also let Parsnips grow. You want to make sure you harvest the heads before they lose all their seed. They need to dry for a while. I just put them in large brown paper bags. We leave them on an enclosed porch for a while to dry. Also watch for moths. Once they are dry, I cut away excess plant material so they don't take up as much room.

Seed saving Parsnips

Parsnip seeed

Dill gets used in pickles and the dried leaves in bread making or sour cream for dip. Since it is keeping the deer out of the garden, I'm letting it grow wherever it wants. It reseeds on its own but we save seed for cooking and in case of a crop failure.


Dill seed drying

Today, I am harvesting worm castings and adding compost to a bed so that I can do some fall gardening. First to get rid of the weeds. Tomorrow I head back to Pennsic. This is what I'm going for: https://youtu.be/wwx-58jL4ss


ursulas_alcove: 19th century engraving of a woman using a drop spindle (Default)

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