14 Aug 2018

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With many kingdoms in mourning over recently deceased monarchy, I did not have high expectations for sales. Things were not as bad as I feared but not stellar either. It was a very random war. Every day was hot and muggy. Humidity levels were over 97%. I count my blessings. I am still healthy enough to load a van floor to ceiling, pitch two pavilions, unload the van and setup in stupid hot temperatures. Go me!

Mathew Gnagy, better known as Master José, graciously did a book signing on Tuesday of War week. He has quite a fan club! If you are interested in a copy of his Modern Maker series, private message me. I have additional stock. We had some hiccups with the Pennsic Independent advertising but eventually got that sorted out. The weather held for the book signing.

This year I was able to attend a round table discussion on the building of vardos. My head is full of ideas. But alas, I have no vehicle with towing capacity nor a flat surface on which to park. Dreams for another time and place.

It was so good to see so many people. I enjoyed the rest bit. My hands were idle throughout the war. I promised myself a break. And now to catch up on the weeds as well as unpacking and organizing. Items will be making their way back to the website. I started with 114 items this morning and am now at 128. Many personal items are hiding in merchandise tubs so it behooves me to unpack quickly. The best part of Pennsic 47 was packing dry canvas.

My acquisitions were a few books which will help me with home repair. Not exciting but perhaps necessary. Today the fall chill is in the air, a reminder that summer is short. I found seven pumpkins and three honey butternut. The crispy melon, buttercup and watermelon are done for. No pattipans or large butternut squash at all survived. I did find squash bugs. Things growing on the ground are doing better than things that climb. We had a bit of a drought. Next year shadecloth will be necessary.


ursulas_alcove: 19th century engraving of a woman using a drop spindle (Default)

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