21 Aug 2018

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Entropy plain and simple. Nothing lasts forever. The charging cord to the iPad is shot. I am too busy to go find a store that has a cord. I tried emailing a few companies but they don’t carry the old, wide connector. Flickr won’t let me have the full site on my cell phone so I can’t get the code to put into my posts for pictures. Once Chronographia gets back from out west, I’ll have a cord to borrow but I have a week to wait.

Meanwhile, I signed up for more learning modules. Kami McBride is teaching how to make your own herbal oils. I am waiting for calendula to dry. I feel coconut oil would be a good medium for that. Think winter dry alligator skin. I want to try her fresh herb oil as well, but with lavender and olive oil. That would be great for headaches and also bath oil. Marjorie Wildcraft of the Grow Network is covering how to be your own Medicine person. In preparing for winter, I picked yarrow to dry for winter cold/flu season. I blend it with other herbs as a tea. I want to soak my elderberries in vodka as a preventive against “con crud”. We attend so many conventions. It never fails that someone brings a bug with them and spreads it around. I also need to harvest comfrey to have on hand. What a useful herb! I should also look into soaking echinacea root in vodka to make a tincture. I met someone recently who also harvests the petals for tea. That would be pretty! I need more drying racks! Next year, I will have to see about trying to grow horehound again. I made a hard candy long ago with it as a sore throat lozenge. It doesn’t like this location for growing, but maybe in the herb spiral.

I topped off the herb spiral with compost this week. It’s down 2 brick thicknesses. Weeding is ongoing. The crab grass is especially bad this year. I also watched Stacey Murphy on preserving your harvest. Her sauerkraut looks good. Not paying $197 to taking the full blown course but I’d love some of her recipes. I like her approach. We need to simplify and “automate” our dinner making process. Takes so much time the way we do it now. We however are not like most Americans. We don’t throw out 40% of our food. So she lost me on her method to prevent that. Yes, I’d like more canned goods on my shelves, but can’t afford the quantities I’d need to buy in order to do that. Until our plum, pear, and cherry trees start producing, there isn’t enough to bother with. So her video inspired me to go out and pick kale to make more kale chips. Her best suggestion was to dry greens for road trips. Gulf Wars has always been problematic for me. Tossing dried greens into dishes I make on the camp stove is brilliant. They take up very little space and I don’t have to buy them. I have a ton in the garden right now.

I started on hats again because Chronographia sold so many at WorldCon. She still has another show this weekend. I am also carding and spinning more yarn as we are short on colors for fall shows. I also have some commissions to get started. Never a dull moment!


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