26 Aug 2018

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I awoke this morning from a dream involving a very specific color. I was weaving a piece in twill with Jaggerspun’s Heather 2/8 wool in a color called Hickory. It was stunning. Sometimes brown shades are overlooked in favor of brighter colors. I wasn’t planning on doing this but it has been on my mind to reorder yarn as soon as I can afford it.

Meanwhile, today I am going to peruse my dye books for tips. I have an abundance of amaranth. No one seems to have any specific method for dyeing with this plant. The Hopi made bread with it. It gives a red color. It’s an edible so I want to play around with it. https://www.gsheller.com/2015/08/using-plants-to-dye-yarn.html I’ve been looking at sugar cookies made with dried edible flowers. This lady on Instagram does it professionally. https://www.instagram.com/p/BmjD9j7nDAI/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=hkmkwouc4kl6 I have lots of possibilities, calendula, shungiko, purple clover, borage, johnny-jump-ups, basil leaves, anise hyssop leaves, nasturtiums, roses, and violets in spring. Going to dust off the flower press.

Today’s dyebath is a small sample of onion skins because I need to add a pop of orange color to a hat. So few brands of yarn with orange.

It disheartened me to see yarn listed on the Chinese tariff list. While I don’t use cheap Chinese yarns in my work, I really feel that silk should be sourced from China. I am thinking of all the silk scarf dyers out there. China is where silk should originate from. It’s native to China. They carefully guarded the secret for millennia. I am all for sourcing locally but the US has no silk industry to speak of. It’ll be years before that could come about. Never cut off your nose to spite your face.


ursulas_alcove: 19th century engraving of a woman using a drop spindle (Default)

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