13 Sep 2018

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Trying to get the house ready for winter. Cemented the cracks in the front porch steps. I kind of had to. Water from Gordon got into the basement through the cracks. The porch awning put a lot of water onto the steps. Record rainfall, 3 to 4"! They closed Interstate 376 because it became part of the Monongahela River for several days, With Florence following close behind, time is short. Next up: trimming tree branches. There's a lot of deadwood that needs to come down. I'd rather be the one bringing it down than the storm doing it. Wood needs to be cut into firewood too.

But wait, there’s more!

Crops to harvest. A pumpkin, too close to a down spot, got very sad this week. We are watching them more closely now. My neighbor stopped by with radishes. I let her pick as many collard greens as she wanted. Good radishes! I dug potatoes. The tomatoes are all splitting because first there was drought and now too much water. Beans could use another picking too.

Planting: Working carefully around the two wasp nests, I put in some fall seeds. The wooden frame garden got planted a few weeks ago. It's sparse. The cinderblock garden has some carrots coming up. I threw in more seed this week. I also made a new garden around the aronia bush. After sheet mulching over the top of the weeds, I put down a couple inches of coffee grounds and compost. Then added the strawberry runners. Maybe they'll take. It was 88° today. The strawberries looked very sad.

It keeps on going, and going!

I guess I was afraid we wouldn’t have enough pumpkins!

We are trying to coordinate two business show schedules for 2019. Spent tonight making a wall calendar so we don't miss deadlines. Then ran into internet issues. Grrr. Many pages aren't loading. I have to wonder, who is using servers based in NC, where Florence is coming in? It will have to wait.


ursulas_alcove: 19th century engraving of a woman using a drop spindle (Default)

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