18 Sep 2018

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By the time the rain got here, I think the hurricane was mostly spent. It rained all day , but lightly and no wind or thunder. The pumpkin vines are happy. The tomatoes are splitting from all the moisture. The ground hog's been chewing on some of the big tomatoes.

Mostly working on hats for Jen's shows. I need to start working on things for my show too. I started a few dyebaths. Osage orange is soaking as well as coffee grounds. I might also do some onion peels. I did tarragon yesterday. It yielded a nice autumn tannish yellow. I have a lot of worsted weight wool that needs to be dyed. At least I got the tarragon under control!

Russian Tarragon

Russian Tarragon

Russian Tarragon

We identified the mushrooms out back as definitely being turkey tails. Time to harvest and dry them.
And now for something completely different

I added the new heather yarn shipment to the webpage as well as some shuttles. Still a few more items to go. https://www.etsy.com/shop/ursulasyarn

Sunday spinning included another batch of the pink, white and blue. I've spun four out of six ounces. Once I finish, I'll move on to blue. I have a lot of fleece to card. I'm making an effort to get through some of it. With thirty pounds, spinning only 2 ounces a week, should take me seven years. So a concerted effort is needed. It's theraputic but time consuming. Chronographia will knit it up into splendid pixie hats for sale. Watch for them at upcoming shows, St. James Court, LEAF, and FaerieCon. Since I cannot tag along to help, I can at least work behind the scenes.
Today’s spinning project


ursulas_alcove: 19th century engraving of a woman using a drop spindle (Default)

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