4 Oct 2018

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You know it is hard to sell wool when it's ninety degrees. We count on the cooler temps to help sell our goods. This time every year, we do St. James Court Art show. Last year was wet, with the remains of a hurricane wiping out our tent. Other years its been typical fall weather, damp and cool. This year, it should hit 90°. Ouzzer! Chrono is doing the show alone this year. She got a late start, but everything fit into her tiny car. All set up by 9 pm. Show opens tomorrow at 10 am on Friday.

Art booth in the Honda Fit

Art booth in the Honda Fit

Show link: https://stjamescourtartshow.com

St. James Court Art Show

I am at home making trouble. I plan to take over the universe. I just got 48 pounds of hemp to dye. Mawhahaha! There is a new tangle that needs to be wound on the umbrella swift before I can engage my evil plots. The tangle fairies were working overtime. Once the onion-dyed skein is sorted, out comes the hemp to be wound and dyed into a rainbow. I have both lace weight and fingering weight. Also unpacking the van and adding things to UrsulasYarn.etsy.com Never slow around here.

Before today's storm, I picked one tomato plant clean and added the vine to the compost pile. I picked beans, celery, and carrots for dinner. I have one more potato plant to dig up. And there's a watermelon in the backyard. There are at least three pumpkins out there to watch too. Today was a Farmers Market day. I picked up meat for the freezer. There is a lot of meat competition at the Farmer's Market. Herbold Farm has pork and beef, organically raised. Ross Farm has lamb and pork. Kern's Farm has chicken, duck, and pork. And a new farm with grass-fed beef. I did a Chinese stir-fry for dinner. Also made cookies. I ran out of energy before dishes were complete. I had to leave some tasks for tomorrow. Wouldn't want to get bored!


ursulas_alcove: 19th century engraving of a woman using a drop spindle (Default)

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