15 Oct 2018

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I covered three garden beds and part of the herb spiral with greenhouse fabric and plastic. I found two more pumpkins. One was in the neighbor's yard. I spent much of the day harvesting carrots. After I cleaned the bed, I hauled two cement blocks down to mark the edge of the pressure-treated wood terrace. The goal is to plant ornamentals and dyeplants in the terrace and food further back. The arsenic is not leeching significantly but I have been exposed to a lot of toxins in my life already. I don't need anymore. Anyway, I lined all the coreopsis in a row so it will look nice come spring. I think marigolds should go in front of it. They don't bloom at the same time but the overall effect is nice.

I pulled so many weeds. The ground hornets prevented me from touching this section of yard all summer. I made a giant compost pile on top of their area. I found three onions underneath the crabgrass. I also trimmed the overgrowth onto the walkway. Halloween is coming soon. There needs to be a clear path to the door. More amaranth got harvested. Three buckets of coffee grounds were added to the compost and sawdust on top in the carrot bed. It looks groomed now. I planted a few cloves of garlic along the arch. I am letting one cosmic carrot grow for seed next year. It was a free seed packet from Bakers Creek. They are now charging a mint for that seed. I'll grow my own, thank you. They produce a reddish carrot.

Putting the garden to bed for winter

I have two brown paper grocery sacks of carrot seed that I harvested this year. One of the winter gardens has some of it growing. Originally, it came from Botanical Interests Caliope carrots. They are white, orange and purple. We picked up cabbage from the farmer's market. I see coleslaw in my future. I also got apples finally. Lots of amaranth bread grill cheese and apple sandwiches with a side of slaw and fried potatoes for lunch this week. After tonight's frost, sweet potatoes will need to be dug. There may also be potatoes near the onions in front. Guess I should look for a shovel.

After trimming the nasturtiums way back and composting them, I called it a day. We'll see what dies back after the frost. I have to trim around the rose bushes so we can set a trap for the ground hog. The compost piles are growing. I'm happy about that.


ursulas_alcove: 19th century engraving of a woman using a drop spindle (Default)

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