31 Oct 2018


31 Oct 2018 09:20 pm
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My day started at 8 am. I wanted to get out and clean up the front yard to make it safe for hundreds of children, BEFORE the rain started. Originally it was to rain at 10 am. Not much time. I started chopping down the 12 foot sunchokes that were tied to my trellis and had tipped over the trellis. They were heavy. Then I took down the entire trellis, chopping wood into kindling as I went. Mulberry isn't the best firewood but its what I have. Sunflowers got chopped up and left to compost in place. Don't want to disturb butterfly eggs/cocoons? The sticks got hauled to the back and stacked in a dry location.

Front yard SW

Trellis down

Tired and hungry, I went inside to deal with the camode, dirty dishes, and breakfast. Yesterday I'd made banana bread. Hubby had his shower and about 1/4 of the bread with butter. I had a short rest with a cup of tea and headed back outside. The rain held off. I chopped any plants that overgrew the sidewalk. They were left to compost in the garden. I also dumped coffee grounds from yesterday's Starbucks run. I smoothed those out so that the paper filters were buried and not an eye sore. Chronographia headed in to lab. She already lost several days due to the shooting. Lab had been closed because it's too close to the crime scene on Saturday. FaerieCon is coming fast so product must be made.

Chrono has a lot on her plate but to get to her studio, she must go past the Tree of Life synagogue. The intersection is still cordoned off. Vigils are continuing. Flowers are being placed everywhere. It is quite an emotional ordeal. Traffic was intense too. Meanwhile, people are pestering her about Arisia politics and hotel rooms via text. They don't get that we are in a city in mourning. It is also a high holiday plus she has to get work done. Yes, the issues that Arisia faces are serious but if you Boycott, only women business owners are hurt, not the perp. Think about that. Women are the artisans that help you cosplay, provide you with costumes, etc. The vendors are locked in to a contract. They must attend. Yes, the shit hit the fan but boycotting the show does not help other women. They are stuck whether you attend or not. Chrono's usual roomies want to bail. Somehow there is more going on, like a hotel worker's strike. Too much to deal with today. She must also get groceries. I've given her a shopping list. The Co-op is matching funds today for Tree of Life. We need groceries anyway. Might as well make it count. They call it round-up register. They ask if you'd like to round up to the nearest dollar amount. They will match the donation, up to $5,000.

While she is at print lab, I must get more yardwork done. I was having a hard time figuring out lunch too. Oops, I started laundry and forgot about it. It smells nasty now. Things aren't going smoothly. Hunger will do that to you. I can't eat the banana bread; it has eggs in it. We are out of my go-to bread and cheese. Hmm. Tough call. I got potatoes frying for John. I ate some too. It was a start. Got him scrambled eggs and fried potatoes with a banana. I noticed clouds coming in. Gotta attack the barberry bush. It overgrew the front steps. Wearing my welding gloves, I grabbed a bucket and clipper. One well-groomed bush later, I have a pile of thorn branches composting way out back, under the big mulberry.

Bushes trimmed

I had a eureka moment. My windowsill tomatoes are ripe and I have pita bread in the freezer. Flatbread pizza, here I come! I saw mozzarella in the drawer and a clove of garlic on the table. Food, glorious food. Then I thought I'd get to empty out the van. Ha, ha-ha. There are empty planters and pots all over the porch. Dirt too. I bussed all the pots down to the basement. I keep them in the coal cellar, my version of a potting shed. After sweeping up the dirt/soil, I rearrange the layout of the porch to accommodate groups of excited children. The excess soil was given to the strawberries in the cinderblocks. Lanterns are hung, planters with growing plants are put onto an empty plant rack, off to the side. Chair is placed. Now to see to the van?

I put a few things into the garage. I have a few things to go into the house. The rain will wait no longer. Sigh. Closing everything up. I'm on a deadline. Trick-or-treat starts at 6 pm. I have to pickup coffee grounds before the streets are clogged with children and fire trucks. Dinner must be planned too. Hmmmm. We have a lot of squash. Google is my friend. I find a recipe that we have every ingredient. Jamie Oliver did a lovely squash. https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/butternut-squash-recipes/baked-squash/
75 g is about a half a cup. I weighed it.

Happy Samhain !

Chrono gets home and finishes carving the pumpkins. The church chimes 6 pm. The neighbor started a playlist with Witchy Woman. Halloween is better with music. The fire truck roars by, tooting his horn as he goes. The fire trucks slow down drivers. They also remind people to change the smoke detector batteries and hand out candy to children from the truck. The police cars are doing likewise. The kids love it. One little boy, barely old enough to talk, was dressed as a police man. He was so excited to meet the officer. Our neighbors are all sitting on their porches. It is only drizzling now. My first trick-or-treater was dressed as an astronaut, very well done. Once the pumpkins are carved, Chrono takes over. I run in to start dinner. Got rice cooking first. I cut the squash, chopped all the onions and tomatoes, pulled all the ingredients together. As the revellers finish up, she comes into pull the rest together. Fresh sage and pan-frying are started. We modified the recipe. Bacon is fried. Walnuts instead of chestnuts.

Jamie Oliver’s recipe

About 150 children with parents in tow climbed our hill, and graced our porch. Our neighborhood takes Halloween seriously. And now we wait for the damn dinner to finish in our pathetic, broken oven. Sigh. We have salad and squash medallions. When dinner is over, we watch Practical Magic. Tradition. A plate of food is set aside for the dead as we remember our friends and ancestors. A toast, Skol!

Second squash


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